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dc.contributor.authorMedara, Nidhi-
dc.contributor.authorLenzo, Jason C-
dc.contributor.authorWalsh, Katrina A-
dc.contributor.authorHolden, James A-
dc.contributor.authorReynolds, Eric C-
dc.contributor.authorDarby, Ivan B-
dc.contributor.authorO'Brien-Simpson, Neil M-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Clinical Periodontology 2021; 48(2): 249-262en
dc.description.abstractT-cells are known to have a role in periodontitis, however, the effect of periodontal therapy on peripheral memory T-cells is unclear. This study evaluated variation in peripheral memory T-cells and red complex bacteria in sub-gingival plaque in patients undergoing periodontal management. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells and sub-gingival plaque were collected from 54 periodontitis patients at baseline, 3-, 6- and 12-months post-therapy and 40 healthy controls. Periodontitis patients were divided into treatment outcome (TxO) groups based on prevalence of sites with probing depth ≥5 mm as good (<10% of sites), moderate (10-20%) or poor (>20%) at study conclusion. Naïve (TN -CCR7+ CD45RA+ ), central memory (TCM -CCR7+ CD45RA- ), effector memory (TEM -CCR7- CD45RA- ) and effector memory T-cells re-expressing CD45RA (TEMRA -CCR7- CD45RA+ ) were phenotyped using flow cytometry in CD4+ , CD8+ , CD4+ CD8+ and CD4- CD8- T-cells and red complex bacteria were quantified using qPCR. At baseline, periodontitis subjects had significantly greater mean probing depths and Porphyromonas gingivalis proportions, lower TN but higher CD4+ TCM , CD8+ TCM , CD4+ CD8+ TEM and CD4- CD8- TEM cell proportions compared to health. Periodontal therapy decreased mean probing depths, P. gingivalis proportions, TEM and CD4+ and CD8+ TCM cells, but increased TN and CD4+ and CD8+ TEMRA cells. The T-cell profile in the good TxO group showed therapy-related changes in CD4+ TEM , and CD8+ TN and TEM cells, whereas, no changes were observed in the poor TxO group. Management and the reduction in red complex bacteria were associated with changes in peripheral memory T-cells in periodontitis.en
dc.subjectdisease managementen
dc.subjecthost-pathogen interactionsen
dc.subjectimmunologic memoryen
dc.titlePeripheral memory T-cell profile is modified in patients undergoing periodontal management.en
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.identifier.journaltitleJournal of Clinical Periodontologyen
dc.identifier.affiliationAustin Healthen
dc.identifier.affiliationMelbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Vic., Australiaen
dc.identifier.affiliationThe Centre for Oral Health Research, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Vic., Australiaen
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