Jessica Lye

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Jessica Lye
Full Name
Lye, Jessica
Lye, Jessica E
Lye, Jessica Elizabeth
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2023Measuring dose in lung identifies peripheral tumour dose inaccuracy in SBRT audit.Shaw, Maddison; Lye, Jessica ; Alves, Andrew; Lehmann, Joerg; Sanagou, Masoumeh; Geso, Moshi; Brown, Rhonda
2Oct-2022Adoption of respiratory motion management in radiation therapy.Burton, Alex; Beveridge, Sabeena; Hardcastle, Nicholas; Lye, Jessica ; Sanagou, Masoumeh; Franich, Rick
3Oct-2021Calculation algorithms and penumbra: underestimation of dose in organs at risk in dosimetry audits.Hughes, Jeremy; Lye, Jessica ; Kadeer, Fayz; Alves, Andrew; Shaw, Maddison; Supple, Jeremy; Keehan, Stephanie; Gibbons, Francis; Lehmann, Joerg; Kron, Tomas
4Jun-2021Report dose-to-medium in clinical trials where available; a consensus from the global Harmonisation group to maximize consistency.Kry, Stephen F; Lye, Jessica ; Clark, Catharine H; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Dimitriadis, Alexis; Followill, David; Howell, Rebecca; Hussein, Mohammad; Ishikawa, Masayori; Kito, Satoshi; Kron, Tomas; Lee, Jonny; Michalski, Jeff; Filippo Monti, Angelo; Reynaert, Nick; Taylor, Paige; Venables, Karen; Xiao, Ying; Lehmann, Joerg
5Apr-2021Measuring the dose in bone for spine stereotactic body radiotherapy.Shaw, Maddison; Lye, Jessica ; Alves, Andrew; Hanlon, Maximilian; Lehmann, Joerg; Supple, Jeremy; Porumb, Claudiu; Williams, Ivan; Geso, Moshi; Brown, Rhonda