Elizabeth S L Low

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Elizabeth S L Low
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Low, Elizabeth S L
Low, Elizabeth SL
Low, Elizabeth
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2023Testosterone is lower in men with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcohol-related cirrhosis and is associated with adverse clinical outcomes.Apostolov, Ross ; Wong, Darren; Low, Elizabeth S L ; Vaz, Karl; Spurio, Jessica; Worland, Thomas ; Liu, Dorothy ; Chan, Roseanne Kimberley; Gow, Paul J ; Grossmann, Mathis ; Sinclair, Marie 
2Jan-2023Radiation exposure from radiological procedures in liver transplant candidates with hepatocellular carcinoma.Kutaiba, Numan ; Varcoe, Joshua G; Barnes, Peter; Succar, Natalie; Lau, Eddie ; Patwala, Kurvi; Low, Elizabeth S L ; Ardalan, Zaid; Gow, Paul J ; Goodwin, Mark D 
315-Dec-2021Hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance and quantile regression for determinants of underutilisation in at-risk Australian patients.Low, Elizabeth S L ; Apostolov, Ross ; Wong, Darren; Lin, Sandra; Kutaiba, Numan ; Grace, Josephine A ; Sinclair, Marie 
4May-2021Low participation in preventative health measures in a cohort of liver transplant recipients: a cross-sectional analysis.Low, Elizabeth S L ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Sinclair, Marie 
510-Aug-2019Dyspnoea, clubbing, cirrhosis, and bubbles in both sides of the heart suggests hepatopulmonary syndrome.Low, Elizabeth S L ; Patwala, Kurvi; Apostolov, Ross