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Kirby R Qin
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Qin, Kirby R
Qin, Kirby
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2023Benign ultrasound in a young adult with pT2 seminoma - beware the malignant potential of undescended testes.Chen, David C; Qin, Kirby R ; Perera, Marlon ; du Plessis, Justin; Gibson, Luke; Woon, Dixon; Bolton, Damien M ; Ischia, Joseph J 
28-Mar-2023Local anaesthetic infiltration in rubber band ligation of rectal haemorrhoids: study protocol for a three-arm, double-blind randomised controlled trial (PLATIPUS trial).Watson, Eleanor G R; Qin, Kirby R ; Smart, Philip J ; Burgess, Adele N ; Mohan, Helen M; Proud, David M
3Mar-2023Aquablation in men with benign prostate hyperplasia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Chen, David C; Qu, Liang G ; Webb, Howard; Qin, Kirby R ; Chislett, Bodie ; Xue, Alan; Khaleel, Sari; De Jesus Escano, Manuel; Chung, Eric; Adam, Ahmed; Bolton, Damien M ; Perera, Marlon 
47-Feb-2023A pilot workshop for ultrasound-guided insertion of long peripheral catheters.Qin, Kirby R ; Ensor, Nicholas ; D'Amore, Matthew; Barnes, Richard; Nataraja, Ramesh M; Pacilli, Maurizio
516-Nov-2022Colorectal surgical management of colitis induced by vasculitis in the absence of inflammatory bowel disease: a case report and literature review.Paynter, Jessica A; Qin, Kirby R ; Seamer, Georgia; Fernando, Ruchira; Brennan, Janelle; Lee, Chun Hin Angus
6Jul-2022Reply By Authors.Qin, Kirby R ; Qu, Liang G 
726-May-2022Fournier gangrene with concurrent multifocal necrotizing fasciitis: a systematic review and case report.Paynter, Jessica A; Qin, Kirby R ; Situ, Dongrong; Lee, Chun Hin Angus
86-Apr-2022Gallbladder-associated hospital admission and cholecystectomy rates across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand (2004-2019): Are we over-intervening?Mollah, Taha; Christie, Harry; Chia, Marc; Modak, Prasenjit; Joshi, Kaushik; Soni, Trived; Qin, Kirby R 
93-Mar-2022Diagnosing with a TWIST: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of a Testicular Torsion Risk Score.Qin, Kirby R ; Qu, Liang G 
1023-Feb-2022Epidemiological trends of gallbladder cancer in Australia between 1982 to 2018: A population-based study utilizing the Australian Cancer Database.Mollah, Taha; Chia, Marc; Wang, Luke C; Modak, Prasenjit; Qin, Kirby R 
11Jan-2022Ureteric orifice obstruction by catheter balloon Post-TURP: A rare cause of obstructive uropathy.Qin, Kirby R ; Gibson, Luke; Manning, Todd G ; Sethi, Kapil; Bolton, Damien M 
122022Misleading medical literature: An observational study.Olaussen, Alexander; Abetz, Jeremy; Qin, Kirby R ; Mitra, Biswadev; O'Reilly, Gerard
13Dec-2021Open versus Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair in the Australian Private Sector Over Twenty Years.Qin, Kirby R ; Perera, Marlon ; Papa, Nathan; Mitchell, David A ; Chuen, Jason 
14Nov-2021Long peripheral catheters and midline catheters: Insights from a survey of vascular access specialists.Qin, Kirby R ; Pittiruti, Mauro; Nataraja, Ramesh M; Pacilli, Maurizio
15Jul-2021Early childhood circumcision in Australia: Trends over 20 years and interrupted time series analysis.Qin, Kirby R ; Paynter, Jessica A; Wang, Luke C; Mollah, Taha; Qu, Liang G 
16Feb-2021Standard Versus Long Peripheral Catheters for Multiday IV Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Qin, Kirby R ; Ensor, Nicholas ; Barnes, Richard; Englin, Anna; Nataraja, Ramesh M; Pacilli, Maurizio