Natasha van Zyl

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Natasha van Zyl
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van Zyl, Natasha
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2022Predicting strength outcomes for upper limb nerve transfer surgery in tetraplegia.Stanley, Edward A; Hill, Bridget ; McKenzie, Dean P; Chapuis, Pierre; Galea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha 
22022Improving hand function after spinal cord injury.Fridén, Jan; House, James; Keith, Michael; Schibli, Silvia; van Zyl, Natasha 
3Sep-2021Transfer of the supinator nerve to the posterior interosseous nerve for hand opening in tetraplegia through an anterior approach.van Zyl, Natasha ; Galea, Mary P ; Cooper, Catherine ; Hahn, Jodie ; Hill, Bridget 
411-Mar-2021Reanimating hand function after spinal cord injury using nerve transfer surgeryGalea, Mary P ; Messina, Aurora; Hill, Bridget ; Cooper, Catherine ; Hahn, Jodie ; van Zyl, Natasha 
522-Dec-2020Peripheral Nerve Dysfunction after Spinal Cord InjuryGalea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha ; Messina, Aurora
617-Aug-2019Expanding traditional tendon-based techniques with nerve transfers for the restoration of upper limb function in tetraplegia: a prospective case series.van Zyl, Natasha ; Hill, Bridget ; Cooper, Catherine ; Hahn, Jodie ; Galea, Mary P 
7Jun-2016Rehabilitation of supinator nerve to posterior interosseous nerve transfer in individuals with tetraplegiaHahn, Jodie ; Cooper, Catherine ; Flood, Stephen; Weymouth, Michael; van Zyl, Natasha 
823-Jul-2014Upper limb reinnervation in C6 tetraplegia using a triple nerve transfer: case report.van Zyl, Natasha ; Hahn, Jodie B; Cooper, Catherine A; Weymouth, Michael D; Flood, Stephen J; Galea, Mary P