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Peter Scott
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Scott, Peter
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022Consolidation nivolumab and ipilimumab versus observation in limited-disease small cell lung cancer after chemo-radiotherapy - Results from the randomised phase II ETOP/IFCT 4-12 STIMULI trial.Peters, S ; Pujol, J-L; Dafni, U; Dómine, M; Popat, S; Reck, M; Andrade, J; Becker, A; Moro-Sibilot, D; Curioni-Fontecedro, A; Molinier, O; Nackaerts, K; Mollá, A Insa; Gervais, R; Vivanco, G López; Madelaine, J; Mazieres, J; Faehling, M; Griesinger, F; Majem, M; Larriba, J L González; Pulla, M Provencio; Vervita, K; Roschitzki-Voser, H; Ruepp, B; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Stahel, R A; Le Pechoux, C; De Ruysscher, D
22018Utility of the ACC/AHA lesion classification as a predictor of procedural, 30-day and 12-month outcomes in the contemporary percutaneous coronary intervention eraTheuerle, James D ; Yudi, Matias B ; Farouque, Omar ; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Scott, Peter ; Ajani, Andrew E; Brennan, Angela L; Duffy, Stephen J; Reid, Christopher M; Clark, David J ; Melbourne Interventional Group
315-Jan-2016A confluence of circumstances: a case of IVF, extreme exercise and spontaneous coronary artery dissectionBalakrishnan, Kuhendra ; Scott, Peter ; Oliver, Leslie E
4Oct-2015Utility of rotational atherectomy and outcomes over an eight-year period.Couper, Lachlan T; Loane, Philippa; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Brennan, Angela; Nanayakkara, Shane; Nerlekar, Nitesh; Scott, Peter ; Walton, Anthony S; Clark, David J ; Duffy, Stephen J; Ajani, Andrew E; Reid, Chris; Shaw, James A