Karen L Olsen

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Karen L Olsen
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Olsen, Karen L
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12018Effects of the Australian National Hand Hygiene Initiative after 8 years on infection control practices, health-care worker education, and clinical outcomes: a longitudinal study.Grayson, M Lindsay ; Stewardson, Andrew J; Russo, Philip L; Ryan, Kate E; Olsen, Karen L ; Havers, Sally M ; Greig, Susan; Cruickshank, Marilyn
219-Jun-2012Diagnosing swine flu: the inaccuracy of case definitions during the 2009 pandemic, an attempt at refinement, and the implications for future planning.Mahony, Andrew A ; Cheng, Allen C; Olsen, Karen L ; Aboltins, Craig A; Black, James F P; Johnson, Paul D R ; Lindsay Grayson, M; Torresi, Joseph