Marcel J Leroi

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Marcel J Leroi
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Leroi, Marcel J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
112-Apr-2022Multi-site implementation of whole genome sequencing for hospital infection control: A prospective genomic epidemiological analysis.Sherry, Norelle L ; Gorrie, Claire L; Kwong, Jason C ; Higgs, Charlie; Stuart, Rhonda L; Marshall, Caroline; Ballard, Susan A; Sait, Michelle; Korman, Tony M; Slavin, Monica A; Lee, Robyn S; Graham, Maryza; Leroi, Marcel J ; Worth, Leon J; Chan, Hiu Tat; Seemann, Torsten; Grayson, M Lindsay ; Howden, Benjamin P 
23-May-2021Evaluation of the VITEK 2 Advanced Expert System performance for predicting resistance mechanisms in Enterobacterales acquired from a hospital-based screening program.Chan, Eddie; Leroi, Marcel J 
3May-2021Pilot study of a combined genomic and epidemiologic surveillance program for hospital-acquired multidrug-resistant pathogens across multiple hospital networks in Australia.Sherry, Norelle L ; Lee, Robyn S; Gorrie, Claire L; Kwong, Jason C ; Stuart, Rhonda L; Korman, Tony M; Marshall, Caroline; Higgs, Charlie; Chan, Hiu Tat; Graham, Maryza; Johnson, Paul D R ; Leroi, Marcel J ; Reed, Caroline; Richards, Michael J; Slavin, Monica A; Worth, Leon J; Howden, Benjamin P ; Grayson, M Lindsay 
4Nov-2020Case Report: Confirmation by Metagenomic Sequencing of Visceral Leishmaniasis in an Immunosuppressed Returned Traveler.Williams, Eloise; Isles, Nicole S; Seemann, Torsten; Kilpatrick, Trevor; Grigg, Andrew P ; Leroi, Marcel J ; Howden, Benjamin P ; Kwong, Jason C 
5Apr-2020Removal of sinks and bathing changes to control multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in a neonatal intensive care unit: a retrospective investigation.Tracy, M; Ryan, L; Samarasekara, H; Leroi, Marcel J ; Polkinghorne, A; Branley, J
623-Jan-2020Removal of sinks and bathing changes to control multi-drug resistant Gram negative bacteria in a neonatal intensive care unit: a retrospective investigation.Tracy, Mark; Ryan, Lindy; Samarasekara, Harsha; Leroi, Marcel J ; Polkinghorne, Adam; Branley, James
7Aug-2018Optimising early identification of blood culture isolates by MALDI-TOF and use of multiple target wells.Fang, Yen-Ting; Grabsch, Elizabeth A ; Leroi, Marcel J ; Sherry, Norelle L ; Ward, Peter B