Pith Soh Beh

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Pith Soh Beh
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Beh, Pith Soh
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2022Chemical thromboprophylaxis before skin closure increases bleeding risk after major ventral hernia repair: A multicenter cohort study.Liu, David Shi Hao ; Wong, Darren J.; Crowe, Amy; Liew, Chon Hann; Watson, David I.; Wong, Enoch; Fong, Jonathan; Mori, Krinal ; Wee, Melissa Y.; Stevens, Sean ; Gill, Anna S.; Fleming, Nicola ; Bennet, Simon; Jamel, Wael; Choy, Kay T ; Beh, Pith Soh ; Lee, Sharon; Lew, Chen; Lie, Elisa; Sorensen, James C.; Cheung, King Tung; Yao, Michelle; Lin, Olivia Miki; Pathirana, Poojani; Ward, Salena; Shashishekara, Surabhi; Bedford, Thomas; Fitt, Emily; Paynter, Jessica; Guiney, Natalie; Brown, Patrick; Hii, Amanda; Grantham, James P.; Ng, Stephanie G.; Tran, Steven; Bright, Tim; Tan, Zhi; Hughes, Jed ; Bae, Lily; Nadaraja, Roshini; PROTECTinG investigators are co-authors of this study and are listed in the Supplementary Appendix S1
222-Mar-2022Early Versus Postoperative Chemical Thromboprophylaxis Is Associated with Increased Bleeding Risk Following Abdominal Visceral Resections: a Multicenter Cohort Study.Liu, David Shi Hao ; Newbold, Ryan; Stevens, Sean ; Wong, Enoch; Fong, Jonathan; Mori, Krinal ; Wong, Darren J; Gill, Anna Sonia; Lee, Sharon; Jamel, Wael; Crowe, Amy; Howard, Tess; Jain, Anshini; Beh, Pith Soh ; Slevin, Maeve; Fleming, Nicola ; Bennet, Simon; Chung, Chi
3Nov-2020Variations in practice of thromboprophylaxis across general surgical subspecialties: a multicentre (PROTECTinG) study of elective major surgeries.Liu, David Shi Hao ; Stevens, Sean ; Wong, Enoch; Fong, Jonathan; Mori, Krinal ; Fleming, Nicola ; Beh, Pith Soh ; Crowe, Amy; Howard, Tess; Slevin, Maeve; Jain, Anshini; Gill, Anna Sonia; Lee, Sharon; Jamel, Wael; Bennet, Simon; Chung, Chi; Ward, Salena; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
46-Mar-2019Wandering liver: an unusual cause of recurrent gastric outlet obstruction.Beh, Pith Soh ; Burgess, Adele N ; Sritharan, Mithra ; Fong, Jonathan