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Recent submissions

Title/Author/Citation Type of publication
Electronic cigarettes: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.
McDonald, Christine F,Jones, Stuart,Beckert, Lutz et al. Respirology (Carlton, Vic.) 2020; online first: 26 July
Journal Article
Patient Perspectives on Antibiotic Allergy Delabeling - Enablers and Barriers.
Wilson, Amy,Trubiano, Jason A,Chua, Kyra Y L et al. The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice 2020; online first: 23 July
Journal Article
Targeted pharmacotherapy for cardiovascular risk reduction in patients with diabetes undergoing liver transplantation.
Koshy, Anoop N,Farouque, Omar,Gow, Paul J et al. European journal of internal medicine 2020; online first: 22 July
Current status in decision making to treat acute type A dissection: limited versus extended repair.
Velayudhan, Bashi V,Idhrees, Mohammed,Matalanis, George et al. The Journal of cardiovascular surgery 2020; 61(3): 285-291
Journal Article
Estimating survival in advanced cancer: a comparison of estimates made by oncologists and patients.
Smith-Uffen, M E S,Johnson, S B,Martin, A J et al. Supportive care in cancer : official journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer 2020; 28(7): 3399-3407
Journal Article
A pilot study of intrahepatic yttrium-90 microsphere radioembolization in combination with intravenous cisplatin for uveal melanoma liver-only metastases.
Arulananda, Surein,Parakh, Sagun,Palmer, Jodie et al. Cancer reports (Hoboken, N.J.) 2019; 2(4): e1183
Case Reports
Evaluation of pre-operative bladder contractility as a predictor of improved response rate to a staged trial of sacral neuromodulation in patients with detrusor underactivity.
Chan, Garson,Qu, Liang G,Gani, Johan et al. World journal of urology 2020; online first: 28 July
Journal Article
The trials and tribulations of liver allocation.
Lee, Eunice,Johnston, Chris Jc,Oniscu, Gabriel C et al. Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation 2020; online first: 28 July
Journal Article
Future directions in advanced penile cancer - mechanisms of carcinogenesis and a search for targeted therapy.
Teh, Jiasian,O'Connor, Ellen,O'Brien, Jonathon et al. Future oncology (London, England) 2020; online first: 26 July
Journal Article
Eye movements in anorexia nervosa: State or trait markers?
Phillipou, Andrea,Abel, Larry A,Gurvich, Caroline et al. The International journal of eating disorders 2020; online first: 27 July
Journal Article