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FullnameDepartment# = ORCIDFaculty
Birrell, Michael TInfectious Diseases
Bittar, IntissarIntensive Care
Bladin, Peter FNeurology
Blennerhassett, Jannette MPhysiotherapy0000-0002-9883-047x
Bolton, Damien MUrology0000-0002-5145-6783
Booker, Lauren AInstitute for Breathing and Sleep0000-0002-0533-3715
Borschmann, KarenThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health0000-0001-5364-2718
Bozinovski, SvetlanaMolecular Imaging and Therapy
Brazzale, Danny JRespiratory and Sleep Medicine
Institute for Breathing and Sleep
Bretherton, IngridMedicine (University of Melbourne)
Broadbent, EloiseAnaesthesia
Brodtmann, AmyThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Brooks, Duncan MarkRadiology0000-0001-5034-570x
Brown, DougVictorian Spinal Cord Service
Brown, KerrynRadiation Oncology
Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
Bruce, FionaDermatology
Bryson, AlexanderNeurology
Buchanan, Russell R CRheumatology
Buck, KimberlyAdvance Care Planning
Buckley, AislingAnaesthesia
Bui, AndrewSurgery
Buist, AnnePsychiatry (University of Melbourne)0000-0002-0512-3945
Bulluss, Kristian JNeurosurgery
Burge, Angela TInstitute for Breathing and Sleep0000-0001-5455-6467
Burgess, Adele NOlivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
Medical Oncology
Burgess, NicolaPhysiotherapy0000-0001-8791-761X
Burrell, Louise MMedicine (University of Melbourne)
General Medicine
Buttifant, Mary0000-0002-2964-0656
Buxton, Brian FCardiac Surgery
Cailes, BenjaminCardiology
Calafiore, PaulCardiology
Cameron, Jillian MEpilepsy Research Centre0000-0002-2175-5977
Cameron, Tanis STracheostomy Review and Management Service
Speech Pathology
Campbell, AinsleyOlivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
Campbell, Matthew CEar Nose Throat / Head and Neck Surgery
Carey, Leeanne MThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health0000-0001-6376-8613
Carney, Patrick WNeurology
Carrion, DanielMedical Physics
Carson, ScottCardiac Surgery
Carty, PaulaIntensive Care
Casamento, AndrewIntensive Care
Casey, StephenVictorian Liver Transplant Unit
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Medicine (University of Melbourne)
Cavallo, AndrewPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Cebon, Jonathan SOlivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute0000-0002-3898-950x
Chambers, Brian RNeurology
Chan, GarsonUrology0000-0002-2241-6635
Chan, J GordonMolecular Imaging and Therapy
Chan, JennySurgery (University of Melbourne)
Chan, Robert KCardiology
Chan, VincentPharmacy