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FullnameDepartment# = ORCIDFaculty
Cosgrave, Madeleine MNephrology
Cosic, LukaAnaesthesia
Cotter, MeganClinical Genetics
Coulson, Tim GAnaesthesia
Cowie, Dean AAnaesthesia
Cox, Daniel R AVascular Surgery0000-0002-5092-4370
Cox, Narelle SInstitute for Breathing and Sleep
Crinis, NickPathology
Crossthwaite, AmyNephrology
Crump, Nicholas HMedicine (University of Melbourne)
Cumming, Toby BThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health0000-0001-7530-2837
Cutuli, Salvatore LIntensive Care
Dahan, ArielRadiology0000-0003-3205-425x
Dalic, Linda JNeurology
Date, Patrick AInfectious Diseases
Davies, Matthew R PNephrology0000-0001-8780-034x
Davis, Gavin ANeurosurgery
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Dawes, BrydenNeurosurgery
De Cruz, Peter PGastroenterology and Hepatology0000-0002-3399-7236
de Gier, RebeccaMental Health
Del Rio, AndresRadiology
Delatycki, Martin BClinical Genetics
Desmond, FionaAnaesthesia
Desneves, Katherine JNutrition and Dietetics0000-0001-9224-3728
Detering, Karen MAdvance Care Planning0000-0002-1884-7272
Devchand, MishaPharmacy
Dharan, AnitaMental Health
Dijkstra, ChristineOlivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
Dimitrieski, StephanieMental Health
Dimovitis, JoanneNeurology
Dite, WaynePhysiotherapy
Dobrovic, AlexanderOlivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
Surgery (University of Melbourne)
Dobson, Julie ERadiology
Dobson, MatthewEndocrinology
Donaldson, SineEmergency
Donnan, Geoffrey AThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health0000-0001-6324-3403
Dorevitch, Michael IGeriatric Medicine
Doré, VincentMolecular Imaging and Therapy0000-0002-8051-0558
Douglas, GenevieveClinical Haematology
Douros, GeorgeEmergency
Dowman, Leona MPhysiotherapy
Institute for Breathing and Sleep
Drewett, George PInfectious Diseases
COVID-19 Screening Clinic
Driscoll, AndreaCardiology
Dudi-Venkata, Nagendra NSurgery0000-0002-9775-3599
Dufton, Polly HOlivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre0000-0001-7784-3602
Dwyer, Jeremy PGastroenterology and Hepatology
Eapen, Renu SSurgery (University of Melbourne)
Eastwood, Glenn MIntensive Care
Edvardsson, DavidAustin Clinical School of Nursing, La Trobe University0000-0001-8787-2327
Efthymiou, MariosGastroenterology and Hepatology0000-0003-2569-5163