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FullnameDepartment# = ORCIDFaculty
Chan, YeeUrology
Chand, Ashwini LOlivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute0000-0002-1245-729X
Chandra, NikhilCardiac Surgery0000-0001-8275-4495
Chandran, SujievvanGastroenterology and Hepatology
Chao, CarolinePhysiotherapy
Chao, MichaelRadiation Oncology
Chapman, BrookeVictorian Liver Transplant Unit
Nutrition and Dietetics
Charles, Patrick G PInfectious Diseases
General Medicine
Chee, JustinUrology
Cheema, StevenMedicine (University of Melbourne)
Chen, Gordon3D Medical Printing Laboratory
Chen, GrantPsychiatry (University of Melbourne)
Chen, Jessie Ze-JunNeurology0000-0002-7177-9387
Chen, XiaoRadiology0000-0001-9486-0850
Cher, Lawrence MMedical Oncology
Cheung, Ada SEndocrinology
Medicine (University of Melbourne)
Cheung, ErnestRadiology0000-0001-5463-3389
Cheung, Yee-Ming MelodyMedicine (University of Melbourne)
Chew, GraceSurgery
Chia, Puey LingOlivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
Chiang, Cherie YPathology0000-0002-9392-6771
Ching, MichaelPharmacy
Chinni, VidyasagarSurgery
Chislett, BodieSurgery
Chong, GeoffreyOlivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
Chow, ZeniaEar Nose Throat / Head and Neck Surgery
Chowdary, PrathimaMercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg
Choy, Kay TSurgery
Choy, Matthew CGastroenterology and Hepatology0000-0001-5206-0097
Choy, Suet-WanNephrology0000-0001-5838-7779
Christophi, ChristopherHepatopancreatobiliary Surgery
Chua, Chong ChynClinical Haematology0000-0002-2162-3288
Chua, Kyra Y LMicrobiology
Chuen, Jason3D Medical Printing Laboratory
Vascular Surgery
Chung, WilliamGastroenterology and Hepatology
Victorian Liver Transplant Unit
Churchill, JamesSurgery0000-0002-8272-9641
Churchward, Thomas JInstitute for Breathing and Sleep0000-0003-1471-9318
Churilov, LeonidThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Medicine (University of Melbourne)
Cimoli, MichelleSpeech Pathology0000-0003-1048-9463
Clark, David JCardiology
University of Melbourne Clinical School
Clark, Jonathan CMPathology
Clark, TeganRadiology
Clarke, Edward MSurgery0000-0002-5611-5558
Cohen, EmmaOlivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre
Coles-Black, JasamineSurgery (University of Melbourne)
3D Medical Printing Laboratory
Vascular Surgery
Collins, Allison LInstitute for Breathing and Sleep
Cook, NatashaNephrology
Cooper, CatherineVictorian Spinal Cord Service
Occupational Therapy
Copaescu, AnaInfectious Diseases 0000-0002-9183-5032
Cori, Jennifer MInstitute for Breathing and Sleep