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114-May-2014Comparative strength and dendritic organization of thalamocortical and corticocortical synapses onto excitatory layer 4 neurons.Schoonover, Carl E; Tapia, Juan-Carlos; Schilling, Verena C; Wimmer, Verena; Blazeski, Richard; Zhang, Wanying; Mason, Carol A; Bruno, Randy M
224-Mar-2014A variant of KCC2 from patients with febrile seizures impairs neuronal Cl- extrusion and dendritic spine formation.Puskarjov, Martin; Seja, Patricia; Heron, Sarah E; Williams, Tristiana C; Ahmad, Faraz; Iona, Xenia; Oliver, Karen L; Grinton, Bronwyn E; Vutskits, Laszlo; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Petrou, Steven; Blaesse, Peter; Dibbens, Leanne M; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Kaila, Kai
31-Mar-2014Expression and function of gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) in normal and cancerous urological tissues.Ischia, Joseph J ; Patel, Oneel; Bolton, Damien M ; Shulkes, Arthur; Baldwin, Graham S
418-Feb-2014Orexinergic activation of medullary premotor neurons modulates the adrenal sympathoexcitation to hypothalamic glucoprivation.Korim, Willian S; Bou Farah, Lama; McMullan, Simon; Verberne, Anthony J M 
56-Dec-2013Dietary glycotoxins exacerbate progression of experimental fatty liver disease.Leung, Christopher ; Herath, Chandana B; Jia, Zhiyuan; Goodwin, Michelle; Mak, Kai Yan; Watt, Matthew J; Forbes, Josephine M; Angus, Peter W 
630-Sep-2013Acamprosate produces its anti-relapse effects via calcium.Spanagel, Rainer; Vengeliene, Valentina; Jandeleit, Bernd; Fischer, Wolf-Nicolas; Grindstaff, Kent; Zhang, Xuexiang; Gallop, Mark A; Krstew, Elena V; Lawrence, Andrew J; Kiefer, Falk
722-Jun-2013Activation of the MAS receptor by angiotensin-(1-7) in the renin-angiotensin system mediates mesenteric vasodilatation in cirrhosis.Grace, Josephine A ; Klein, Sabine; Herath, Chandana B; Granzow, Michaela; Schierwagen, Robert; Masing, Noemi; Walther, Thomas; Sauerbruch, Tilman; Burrell, Louise M ; Angus, Peter W ; Trebicka, Jonel
85-Jun-2013Hypertension and experimental stroke therapies.O'Collins, Victoria E; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Macleod, Malcolm R; Howells, David William
926-Apr-2013Expression of the transmembrane lysosomal protein SCARB2/Limp-2 in renin secretory granules controls renin release.Lee, D ; Desmond, Michael J; Fraser, S A; Katerelos, M ; Gleich, Kurt; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Power, David Anthony
1016-Mar-2013The circulatory and renal sympathoinhibitory effects of gastric leptin are altered by a high fat diet and obesity.How, Jackie M Y; Pumpa, Talia J; Sartor, Daniela M