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131-Jan-2021Factors associated with improved walking in older people during hospital rehabilitation: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.Said, Catherine M ; McGinley, Jennifer L; Szoeke, Cassandra; Workman, Barbara; Hill, Keith D; Wittwer, Joanne E; Woodward, Michael M ; Liew, Danny; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie; Morris, Meg E
21-Mar-2015Primary fluid bolus therapy for infection-associated hypotension in the emergency department.Lipcsey, Miklos; Chiong, Jonathan; Subiakto, Ivan; Kaufman, Melissa A; Schneider, Antoine G; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
31-Mar-2015The epidemiology of sepsis during rapid response team reviews in a teaching hospital.Cross, G; Bilgrami, I; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Howden, Benjamin P ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Jones, Daryl A 
417-Dec-2014TIDEL-II: first-line use of imatinib in CML with early switch to nilotinib for failure to achieve time-dependent molecular targets.Yeung, David T; Osborn, Michael P; White, Deborah L; Branford, Susan; Braley, Jodi A; Herschtal, Alan; Kornhauser, Michael; Issa, Samar; Hiwase, Devendra K; Hertzberg, Mark; Schwarer, Anthony P ; Filshie, Robin; Arthur, Christopher K; Kwan, Yiu Lam; Trotman, Judith; Forsyth, Cecily J; Taper, John; Ross, David M; Beresford, Jennifer; Tam, Constantine; Mills, Anthony K; Grigg, Andrew P ; Hughes, Timothy P
51-Dec-2014Informed consent in the intensive care unit: the experiences and expectations of patients and their families.Modra, Lucy J ; Hart, Graeme K ; Hilton, Andrew; Moore, Sandra
610-Nov-2014Individual patient data analysis of progression-free survival versus overall survival as a first-line end point for metastatic colorectal cancer in modern randomized trials: findings from the analysis and research in cancers of the digestive system database.Shi, Qian; de Gramont, Aimery; Grothey, Axel; Zalcberg, John; Chibaudel, Benoist; Schmoll, Hans-Joachim; Seymour, Matthew T; Adams, Richard A; Saltz, Leonard; Goldberg, Richard M; Punt, Cornelis J A; Douillard, Jean-Yves; Hoff, Paulo M; Hecht, Joel Randolph; Hurwitz, Herbert; Díaz-Rubio, Eduardo; Porschen, Rainer; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Fuchs, Charles; Souglakos, John; Falcone, Alfredo; Tournigand, Christophe; Kabbinavar, Fairooz F; Heinemann, Volker; Van Cutsem, Eric; Bokemeyer, Carsten; Buyse, Marc; Sargent, Daniel J
71-Nov-2014Missed carotid artery cannulation: a line crossed and lessons learnt.Ho, L; Spanger, M; Hayward, Philip A R; McNicol, Larry; Weinberg, Laurence 
86-Oct-2014Combined BRAF (Dabrafenib) and MEK inhibition (Trametinib) in patients with BRAFV600-mutant melanoma experiencing progression with single-agent BRAF inhibitor.Johnson, Douglas B; Flaherty, Keith T; Weber, Jeffrey S; Infante, Jeffrey R; Kim, Kevin B; Kefford, Richard F; Hamid, Omid; Schuchter, Lynn; Cebon, Jonathan S ; Sharfman, William H; McWilliams, Robert R; Sznol, Mario; Lawrence, Donald P; Gibney, Geoffrey T; Burris, Howard A; Falchook, Gerald S; Algazi, Alain; Lewis, Karl; Long, Georgina V; Patel, Kiran; Ibrahim, Nageatte; Sun, Peng; Little, Shonda; Cunningham, Elizabeth; Sosman, Jeffrey A; Daud, Adil; Gonzalez, Rene
95-Oct-2014Evaluation of the dimensions of anger reactions-5 (DAR-5) scale in combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.Forbes, David; Alkemade, Nathan; Hopcraft, Dale; Hawthorne, Graeme; O'Halloran, Paul; Elhai, Jon D; McHugh, Tony; Bates, Glen; Novaco, Raymond W; Bryant, Richard; Lewis, Virginia J
1028-Sep-2014Excessive daytime sleepiness and metabolic syndrome: a cross-sectional study.Hayley, Amie C ; Williams, Lana J; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Berk, Michael; Brennan, Sharon L; Pasco, Julie A