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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2021Dravet syndrome: A quick transition guide for the adult neurologist.Andrade, Danielle M; Berg, Anne T; Hood, Veronica; Knupp, Kelly G; Koh, Sookyong; Laux, Linda; Meskis, Mary Anne; Miller, Ian; Perry, M Scott; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Sullivan, Joseph; Villas, Nicole; Wirrell, Elaine
2Aug-2019The incidence, characteristics, outcomes and associations of small short-term point-of-care creatinine increases in critically ill patients.Toh, Lisa ; Bitker, Laurent; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
3Jun-2019Men's health on the web: an analysis of current resources.Teh, Jiasian ; Wei, Joe; Chiang, Glen; Nzenza, Tatenda C ; Bolton, Damien M ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
42019First reported case of Human Parechovirus encephalitis in an adult patient complicated by Refractory Status Epilepticus.Chimunda, Timothy; Subramanian, Rakhee; Smith, Julie ; Mahony, Andrew A 
5Jul-2017Counselling adults who experience a first seizureLegg, Karen T; Newton, Mark R
61-Sep-2016Target oxygen saturation range: 92-96% versus 94-98Beasley, Richard W; Chien, Jimmy; Douglas, James; Eastlake, Leonie; Farah, Claude; King, Gregory; Moore, Rosemary P ; Pilcher, Janine; Richards, Michael; Smith, Sheree; Walters, Haydn
7Apr-2016The state-of-the-science on somatosensory function and its impact on daily life in adults and older adults, and following stroke: a scoping reviewCarey, Leeanne M ; Lamp, Gemma; Turville, Megan
8Feb-2016Hypertensive/microvascular disease and COPD: a case control studyChew, Sky KH; Colville, Deb; Canty, Piers; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Wong, Alex; Luong, Vi; Wong, Tien Y; McDonald, Christine F ; Savige, Judy A
916-Mar-2015Indications and expectations for neuropsychological assessment in routine epilepsy care: Report of the ILAE Neuropsychology Task Force, Diagnostic Methods Commission, 2013-2017.Wilson, Sarah J; Baxendale, Sallie; Barr, William; Hamed, Sherifa; Langfitt, John; Samson, Séverine; Watanabe, Masako; Baker, Gus A; Helmstaedter, Christoph; Hermann, Bruce P; Smith, Mary-Lou
1013-Jan-2015Behavioral profiles in frontal lobe epilepsy: Autobiographic memory versus mood impairment.Rayner, Genevieve ; Jackson, Graeme D ; Wilson, Sarah J