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110-Sep-2021Duration of intervals in the care seeking pathway for lung cancer in Bangladesh: A journey from symptoms triggering consultation to receipt of treatment.Ansar, Adnan; Lewis, Virginia; McDonald, Christine F ; Liu, Chaojie; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz 
215-Jul-2021How accurately are subthalamic nucleus electrodes implanted relative to the ideal stimulation location for Parkinson's disease?Pearce, Patrick; Bulluss, Kristian J ; Xu, San San ; Kim, Boaz; Milicevic, Marko; Perera, Thushara; Thevathasan, Wesley
319-May-2021The effects of 0.9% saline versus Plasma-Lyte 148 on renal function as assessed by creatinine concentration in patients undergoing major surgery: A single-centre double-blinded cluster crossover trial.Weinberg, Laurence ; Li, Michael Hua-Gen; Churilov, Leonid ; Macgregor, Christopher; Garrett, Kent ; Eyles, Jade; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
421-Apr-2021The Perme Mobility Index: A new concept to assess mobility level in patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.Timenetsky, Karina Tavares; Serpa Neto, Ary ; Lazarin, Ana Carolina; Pardini, Andreia; Moreira, Carla Regina Sousa; CorrĂȘa, Thiago Domingos; Caserta Eid, Raquel Afonso; Nawa, Ricardo Kenji
53-Mar-2021Feasibility of establishing a rehabilitation programme in a Vietnamese intensive care unit.Anh, Nguyen Thi Kim; Yen, Lam Minh; Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh; Nhat, Phung Tran Huy; Thuy, Tran Thi Diem; Phong, Nguyen Thanh; Tuyen, Pham Thi; Yen, Nguyen Hoang; Chambers, Mary; Hao, Nguyen Van; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Denehy, Linda; Thwaites, C Louise
6Dec-2020COVID-MATCH65-A prospectively derived clinical decision rule for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.Trubiano, Jason A ; Vogrin, Sara; Smibert, Olivia C ; Marhoon, Nada ; Alexander, Adrian A; Chua, Kyra Y L ; James, Fiona L ; Jones, Nicholas R L; Grigg, Samuel E ; Xu, Cecilia L H ; Moini, Nasreen; Stanley, Sam R; Birrell, Michael T ; Rose, Morgan T ; Gordon, Claire L ; Kwong, Jason C ; Holmes, Natasha E 
75-Nov-2020Anaesthetists' attitudes towards attending the funerals of their patients: A cross-sectional study among Australian and New Zealand anaesthetists.Kim, Kwangtaek; Churilov, Leonid ; Tan, Chong Oon; Phan, Tuong; Geertsema, Jake; Krieser, Roni; Mehra, Rishi; Stewart, Paul Anthony; Rachbuch, Clive; Huang, Andrew ; Weinberg, Laurence 
813-Jul-2020Value of laboratory results in addition to vital signs in a machine learning algorithm to predict in-hospital cardiac arrest: A single-center retrospective cohort study.Ueno, Ryo; Xu, Liyuan; Uegami, Wataru; Matsui, Hiroki; Okui, Jun; Hayashi, Hiroshi; Miyajima, Toru; Hayashi, Yoshiro; Pilcher, David; Jones, Daryl A 
927-Apr-2020Sleep-disordered breathing does not impact maternal outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Fung, Alison M; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Lappas, Martha; Walker, Susan P
104-Mar-2020Can online support groups address psychological morbidity of cancer patients? An artificial intelligence based investigation of prostate cancer trajectories.Adikari, Achini; de Silva, Daswin; Ranasinghe, Weranja K B; Bandaragoda, Tharindu; Alahakoon, Oshadi; Persad, Raj; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Alahakoon, Damminda; Bolton, Damien M