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112-Nov-2021Outcomes from the use of computerized neurocognitive testing in a recurrent glioblastoma clinical trial.Field, K M; Barnes, E H; Sim, H W; Nowak, A K; Simes, J; Rosenthal, M A; Wheeler, H; Hovey, E J; Cher, Lawrence M 
2Aug-2021Brain MRI-guided focused ultrasound conceptualised as a tool for brain network intervention.Permezel, Fiona 
3May-2021Risk factors and outcomes in 385 cases of ulnar nerve submuscular transposition.Davis, Gavin A ; Lal, Trisha; Hearps, Stephen J C
4Apr-2021Feasibility trial of metformin XR in people with pre-diabetes and stroke (MIPPS)-randomised open blinded endpoint controlled trial.Tabesh, Marjan; Hachem, Mariam; Lau, Lik-Hui; Borschmann, Karen ; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A L; Sumithran, Priya ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Ekinci, Elif I 
5Dec-2020Erratum to "Six-month mortality and functional outcomes in aneurysmal sub-arachnoid haemorrhage patients admitted to intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand: A prospective cohort study" [J. Clin. Neurosci. 80 (2020) 92-99].Udy, Andrew A; Finnis, Mark; Cohen, Jeremy; Delaney, Anthony; Anstey, James; Anstey, Matthew; Barge, Deborah; Bhardwa, Vishnu; Board, Jasmin; Brinkerhoff, Gail; Fitzgerald, Emily; Flower, Oliver; Healey, Paul M; Hunt, Anna; Lawrence, Cassie; Mehrtens, Jan; Newby, Lynette; Pearson, David; Raith, Eamon P; Robertson, Yvonne; Schweikert, Sacha; Starr, Therese; Tallott, Mandy; van der Poll, Andrew; Young, Paul; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Cooper, David J
6Nov-2020An interventional dilemma in anomalous middle cerebral artery stroke.Foo, Michelle ; Maingard, Julian; Wang, Michael T ; Schembri, Mark; Thijs, Vincent N ; Jhamb, Ashu; Brooks, Duncan Mark ; Asadi, Hamed 
7Sep-2020Response to combined BRAF/MEK inhibition in adult BRAF V600E mutant spinal pilocytic astrocytoma.Balasubramanian, Adithya ; Gunjur, Ashray ; Gan, Hui Kong; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Cher, Lawrence M 
8Jun-2020EPO treatment does not alter acute serum profiles of GFAP and S100B after TBI: A brief report on the Australian EPO-TBI clinical trial.Hellewell, Sarah C; Conquest, Alison; Little, Lorraine; Vallance, Shirley; Board, Jasmin; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Cooper, David J; Morganti-Kossmann, Maria Cristina
9Jan-2019Efficacy and safety of teriflunomide in Asian patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis: A subgroup analysis of the phase 3 TOWER study.Miller, Aaron E; Xu, Xianhao; Macdonell, Richard A L ; Vucic, Steve; Truffinet, Philippe; Benamor, Myriam; Thangavelu, Karthinathan; Freedman, Mark S
10Oct-2018A single-institution prospective evaluation of a neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team meeting.Ameratunga, Malaka; Miller, Dorothea; Ng, Wayne; Wada, Morikatsu ; Gonzalvo, Augusto ; Cher, Lawrence M ; Gan, Hui K