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125-Aug-2022Site of care and factors associated with mortality in unvaccinated Australian aged care residents during COVID-19 outbreaks.Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Lau, Liza; Hack, Emma ; Huynh, Andrew Liem Hieu; Puri, Arvind ; Yao, Henry; Wong, Aaron B ; Kohler, Sabrina; Chua, Maggie; Amadoru, Sanka ; Haywood, Cilla J ; Yates, Paul A 
222-Aug-2022Cutaneous clues to clinch a diagnosis amidst pandemic.Nohrenberg, Michael; Shamdasani, Pallavi ; Sweeney, Duncan J ; Lanteri, Celia; Hoi, Alberta Y 
3Aug-2022Application of Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TIRADS) guidelines to thyroid nodules with cytopathological correlation and impact on healthcare costs.Chen, Xiao ; Kutaiba, Numan ; Pearce, Sam; Digby, Sam; Van Gelderen, David
420-Jun-2022Accuracy of medication histories derived from an Australian cloud-based repository of prescribed and dispensed medication records.Elliott, Rohan A ; Taylor, Simone E ; Koo, Stella Mk; Nguyen, Anny D; Liu, Esther; Loh, Grace
5Mar-2022Cytomegalovirus in inflammatory bowel disease: a clinical approach.Gilmore, Robert B ; Taylor, Kirstin M; Morrissey, C Orla; Gardiner, Bradley J
6Feb-2022No Fever, No Worries? A Retrospective Audit of Bacteraemic Patients in the Emergency Department.Chiodo-Reidy, Jessica; Loftus, Michael J; Holmes, Natasha E 
72022Healthcare-providers experiences with Advance Care Planning and Goals of Patient Care medical treatment orders in Residential Aged Care Facilities; an explanatory descriptive study.Martin, Ruth S; Hayes, Barbara J; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Yates, Paul A ; Lim, Wen Kwang
82022High Frequency of Anticoagulation Management Errors Preceding Ischemic Strokes in Atrial Fibrillation.Wong, Edmond ; Aaqib, Muhammad; Thijs, Vincent N 
95-Dec-2021Non-beneficial resuscitation during in-hospital cardiac arrests in a metropolitan teaching hospital.Crosbie, David; Ghosh, Angaj; Van Ekeren, Narkitaa; Dowling, Monica; Hayes, Barbara; Cross, Anthony; Jones, Daryl A 
1029-Nov-2021COVID-19 Beliefs and Vaccination Uptake in Dialysis Patients: Lessons from an Anonymous Patient Survey.Wallace, Hannah; Mount, Peter F