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129-Aug-2022The Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria Clinical Registry: A state-wide illicit substance surveillance and alert network.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Schumann, Jennifer; Fitzgerald, John; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Knott, Jonathan; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Hollerer, Hans; Hannon, Liam; Bourke, Elyssia; Hodgson, Sarah E; Greene, Shaun L 
211-Apr-2022Hyperkalaemia in the emergency department: Epidemiology, management and monitoring of treatment outcomes.Pollack, Kimberley; Manning, Kiri R; Balassone, Jacqueline; Bui, Calista; Taylor, David McD ; Taylor, Simone E 
3Apr-2022Management of patients presenting with low back pain to a private hospital emergency department in Melbourne, Australia.Buchbinder, Rachelle; Bourne, Allison; Staples, Margaret; Lui, Chris; Walker, Katie; Ben-Meir, Michael ; Gorelik, Alexandra; Blecher, Gabriel
4Feb-2022Anti-racism in the emergency department: Past time to tackle racism in our health systems.Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Carlin, Emma
5Feb-2022The Emerging Drugs Network of Australia: A toxicosurveillance system of illicit and emerging drugs in the emergency department.Smith, Jennifer L; Soderstrom, Jessamine; Dawson, Andrew; Alfred, Sam; Greene, Shaun L ; Isoardi, Katherine; McCutcheon, David; Oosthuizen, Francois; Ezard, Nadine; Burcham, Jonathon; Fatovich, Daniel M
62022Gender equity in emergency medicine: Five years on, where are we headed?Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Terziovski, MilĂ©; Wheeler, Melissa; Rixon, Andrew; Wilson, Samuel
72022Misleading medical literature: An observational study.Olaussen, Alexander; Abetz, Jeremy; Qin, Kirby R ; Mitra, Biswadev; O'Reilly, Gerard
82022Reframing leadership: Leader identity challenges of the emergency physician.Wong, Lee Yung; Wilson, Samuel; Rixon, Andrew; Sendjaya, Sen
9Dec-2021Characteristics, presentation and outcomes of music festival patrons with stimulant drug-induced serotonin toxicity.Miles, Lachlan F ; Austin, Kristy; Eade, Alan; Anderson, David; Graudins, Andis ; McGain, Forbes; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Greene, Shaun L ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Dutch, Martin
10Dec-2021Overuse of opioids for acute migraine in an Australian emergency department.Joules, Emily; Yeoh, Michael J