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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2021The impact of COVID-19 critical illness on new disability, functional outcomes and return to work at 6 months: a prospective cohort study.Hodgson, Carol L; Higgins, Alisa M; Bailey, Michael J; Mather, Anne M; Beach, Lisa; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Bissett, Bernie; Boden, Ianthe J; Bradley, Scott; Burrell, Aidan; Cooper, D James; Fulcher, Bentley J; Haines, Kimberley J ; Hopkins, Jack; Jones, Alice Y M; Lane, Stuart; Lawrence, Drew; van der Lee, Lisa; Liacos, Jennifer; Linke, Natalie J; Gomes, Lonni Marques; Nickels, Marc; Ntoumenopoulos, George; Myles, Paul S; Patman, Shane; Paton, Michelle; Pound, Gemma; Rai, Sumeet; Rix, Alana; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Sivasuthan, Janani; Tipping, Claire J; Thomas, Peter; Trapani, Tony; Udy, Andrew A; Whitehead, Christina; Hodgson, Isabelle T; Anderson, Shannah; Serpa Neto, Ary 
25-Aug-2021Built environments for inpatient stroke rehabilitation services and care: a systematic literature review.Lipson-Smith, Ruby; Pflaumer, Luis; Elf, Marie; Blaschke, Sarah-May; Davis, Aaron; White, Marcus; Zeeman, Heidi; Bernhardt, Julie
327-Jul-2021Cohort profile: the Men and Parenting Pathways (MAPP) Study: a longitudinal Australian cohort study of men's mental health and well-being at the normative age for first-time fatherhood.Macdonald, Jacqui A; Francis, Lauren M; Skouteris, Helen; Youssef, George J; Graeme, Liam G; Williams, Joanne; Fletcher, Richard J; Knight, Tess; Milgrom, Jeannette ; Di Manno, Laura; Olsson, Craig A; Greenwood, Christopher J
429-Jun-2021Social Class and Changes in Australian Women's Affect and Alcohol Consumption During COVID-19.Lunnay, Belinda; Toson, Barbara; Wilson, Carlene J ; Miller, Emma R; Meyer, Samantha Beth; Olver, Ian N; Foley, Kristen; Thomas, Jessica A; Ward, Paul Russell
510-Jun-2021Tumor microenvironmental cytokines bound to cancer exosomes determine uptake by cytokine receptor-expressing cells and biodistribution.Lima, Luize G; Ham, Sunyoung; Shin, Hyunku; Chai, Edna P Z; Lek, Erica S H; Lobb, Richard J; Müller, Alexandra F; Mathivanan, Suresh; Yeo, Belinda ; Choi, Yeonho; Parker, Belinda S; Möller, Andreas