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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2020Flattening the curve : supporting medical professionals to manage stress throughout the COVID-19 crisisDe Ath-Miller, Eleanor
2Oct-2019Austin LifeSciences ResearchFest Abstracts 2019
32019Critical care nephrologyRonco, Claudio; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Kellum, John A; Ricci, Zaccaria
4Oct-2018Austin LifeSciences ResearchFest Abstracts 2018
520-Jul-2018Clinical Costing Techniques and Analysis in Modern Healthcare SystemsHart, Graeme K ; Leung, Christopher ; Ma, Bryan; Ma, Norine
615-Jan-2018The Digital Research Skills Cookbook: An Introduction to the Research Bazaar CommunityColes-Black, Jasamine ; Van Der Werff, Louise; Chuen, Jason 
72018Managing deteriorating patients
8Oct-2017Austin LifeSciences ResearchFest Abstracts 2017
91-Aug-2017Trivedi's GynaecologyTrivedi, Amarendra N; Pandey, Ashish
10Oct-2016Austin LifeSciences ResearchFest Abstracts 2016