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Title: The increased sensitivity of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) PCR quantitation in whole blood affects reproductive rate (Ro) measurement.
Austin Authors: Gurtler, Volker;Mayall, Barrie C;Wang, Jenny;Ghaly-Derias, Shahbano
Affiliation: School of Applied Sciences, Building 223, Level 1, Bundoora Campus RMIT University, PO Box 71, Bundoora 3083, Australia
Department of Pathology, Austin Hospital, Studley Road, Heidelberg 3084, Australia
Issue Date: 21-Nov-2013
Publication information: Journal of Virological Methods 2013; 196(): 179-84
Abstract: In order to determine the effect of the increase in sensitivity of HCMV detection in whole blood compared to plasma on reproductive rate (Ro) measurement, an optimized human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) quantitative PCR assay was developed. The results presented in this study are summarized by the following three methodological improvements: (i) at values below the limit of quantitation (LOQ) of 60copies/ml, determination of HCMV load was more sensitive with whole blood than plasma, (ii) for the determination of viral load, whole blood was more sensitive than plasma below 1000copies/ml but little difference was observed above 1000copies/ml and (iii) the measurement of "Reproductive Rate" can be affected by imprecise measurement of HCMV viral load in either plasma or whole blood compartments depending on whether samples were taken from patients on antiviral treatment or from patients where HCMV load was rising. Taken together this study provides methodological improvements suggesting that below HCMV viral load levels of 1000copies/ml (1640IU/ml) both plasma and whole blood should be tested.
Gov't Doc #: 24269795
DOI: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2013.10.043
Journal: Journal of virological methods
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: HCMV
Human cytomegalovirus
Quantitative real-time PCR
Whole blood
human cytomegalovirus
international units
limit of quantitation
lower limit of detection
reproductive rate
single nucleotide polymorphism
whole blood
Basic Reproduction Number
Cytomegalovirus.growth & development.isolation & purification
Cytomegalovirus Infections.epidemiology.virology
Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction.methods
Sensitivity and Specificity
Viral Load.methods
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