Anton Rajadurai

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Anton Rajadurai
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Rajadurai, Anton
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2022Endoscopic ultrasound-guided gallbladder and bile duct drainage with lumen apposing metal stent: a large multicentre cohort (with videos).Rajadurai, Anton ; Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Cameron, Rees; Tagkalidis, Peter; Holt, Bronte; Bassan, Milan; Gupta, Saurabh; Croagh, Daniel; Swan, Michael; Saxena, Payal; Efthymiou, Marios ; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Chandran, Sujievvan 
23-May-2021Video consultations during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic are associated with high satisfaction for both doctors and patients.Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Raval, Manjri ; Terbah, Ryma ; Singh, Gurpreet; Rajadurai, Anton ; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Efthymiou, Marios ; Chandran, Sujievvan 
3Apr-2021Benefits of phone consultation for endoscopy-related clinics in the COVID-19 pandemic.Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Singh, Gurpreet; Rajadurai, Anton ; Terbah, Ryma ; De Silva, Rahil; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Efthymiou, Marios ; Chandran, Sujievvan 
4Dec-2020Outcomes of endoscopic ultrasound as a one-off pancreatic cancer screening tool for 122 high- and moderate-risk patients.Efthymiou, Marios ; Chandran, Sujievvan ; Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Collins, Allison L ; Rajadurai, Anton ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Vaughan, Rhys B