Muhuntha Sri-Ganeshan

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Muhuntha Sri-Ganeshan
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Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2022Evaluation of a calcium, magnesium and phosphate clinical ordering tool in the emergency department.Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha ; Walker, Kimberly P; Lines, Travis J; Neal-Williams, Tom J L; Sheffield, Elizabeth R; Yeoh, Michael J ; Taylor, David McD 
2Oct-2021Outcomes for emergency department patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19: An analysis of the Australian experience in 2020 (COVED-5).O'Reilly, G M; Mitchell, R D; Mitra, B; Akhlaghi, H; Tran, V; Buntine, P; Wong, Anselm Y ; Gangathimmaiah, V; Knott, J; Moore, A; Ahn, J; Chan, Q; Wang, A; Goh, H; Loughman, A; Lowry, N; Hackett, L; Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha ; Chapman, N; Raos, M; Noonan, M P; Smit, D; Cameron, P A
3Apr-2021Outcomes of laceration suture repair in the emergency department.Majer, James; Valentine, Safire; Warren, Jaimee; Grant, Nicole; Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha ; Jermakoff, Anton; Cooper, Blake; Knott, Jonathan C; Taylor, David McD 
4Apr-2021Epidemiology and clinical features of emergency department patients with suspected COVID-19: Insights from Australia's 'second wave' (COVED-4).O'Reilly, Gerard M; Mitchell, Robert D; Mitra, Biswadev; Akhlaghi, Hamed; Tran, Viet; Furyk, Jeremy S; Buntine, Paul; Wong, Anselm Y ; Gangathimmaiah, Vinay; Knott, Jonathan; Raos, Max; Chatterton, Erica; Sevior, Carolyne; Parker, Sophie; Baker, Samuel; Loughman, Ashley; Lowry, Nicole; Freeman, Dylan; Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha ; Chapman, Nicole; Siu, Sherman; Noonan, Michael P; Smit, De Villiers; Cameron, Peter A
52021Author and journal self-citation in Emergency Medicine original research articles.Sri-Ganeshan, Muhuntha ; Walker, Kimberly P; Lines, Travis J; Neal-Williams, Tom J L; Taylor, David McD