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Christine F McDonald
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McDonald, Christine F
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
125-Mar-2021A mixed-methods pilot study of handheld fan for breathlessness in interstitial lung disease.Khor, Yet H ; Saravanan, Kirushallini; Holland, Anne E ; Lee, Joanna Y T; Ryerson, Christopher J; McDonald, Christine F ; Goh, Nicole S L 
218-Mar-2021Referral criteria to palliative care for patients with respiratory disease: a systematic review.Philip, Jennifer; Collins, Anna; Smallwood, Natasha; Chang, Yuchieh Kathryn; Mo, Li; Yang, Ian A; Corte, Tamera; McDonald, Christine F ; Hui, David
325-Feb-2021A pilot double-blind safety and feasibility randomised controlled trial of high-dose intravenous zinc in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.Patel, Oneel; Chinni, Vidyasagar ; El Khoury, John ; Perera, Marlon ; Neto, Ary Serpa; McDonald, Christine F ; See, Emily J ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bolton, Damien M ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Trubiano, Jason A ; Ischia, Joseph J 
46-Feb-2021Challenges of evaluating the effect of exercise training on salivary IgA in people with COPD.Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Gleeson, Maree; Wood, Lisa; Hall, Sharron; Hill, Catherine J ; Bondarenko, Janet; Holland, Anne E 
529-Jan-2021Telerehabilitation for chronic respiratory disease.Cox, Narelle S ; Dal Corso, Simone; Hansen, Henrik; McDonald, Christine F ; Hill, Catherine J ; Zanaboni, Paolo; Alison, Jennifer A; O'Halloran, Paul; Macdonald, Heather; Holland, Anne E 
6Jan-2021Use of supplemental oxygen during exercise testing and training for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a survey of Australian pulmonary rehabilitation programs.Leung, Regina W M; Alison, Jennifer A; Jenkins, Sue C; Holland, Anne E ; Hill, Kylie; Morris, Norman R; Spencer, Lissa M; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Seale, Helen E; Cecins, Nola M; McDonald, Christine F ; McKeough, Zoe J
731-Dec-2020The Impact of COPD Exacerbations in the Year Following Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Secondary Analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial.Wageck, Bruna; Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Burge, Angela T ; Mahal, Ajay; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Moore, Rosemary P ; Nicolson, Caroline; O'Halloran, Paul; Lahham, Aroub; Gillies, Rebecca; Holland, Anne E 
815-Dec-2020Asthma self-management with regular support reduces health care use and improves QoL at 8 mo.Worsnop, Christopher J ; McDonald, Christine F 
913-Dec-2020Ambulatory oxygen for treatment of exertional hypoxaemia in pulmonary fibrosis (PFOX trial): a randomised controlled trial.Holland, Anne E ; Corte, Tamera; Chambers, Daniel C; Palmer, Andrew J; Ekström, Magnus Per; Glaspole, Ian; Goh, Nicole S L ; Hepworth, Graham; Khor, Yet H ; Hoffman, Mariana; Vlahos, Ross; Sköld, Magnus; Dowman, Leona M ; Troy, Lauren K; Prasad, Jyotika D; Walsh, James; McDonald, Christine F 
102-Dec-2020Randomised controlled trial for high-dose intravenous zinc as adjunctive therapy in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) positive critically ill patients: trial protocol.Perera, Marlon ; El Khoury, John ; Chinni, Vidyasagar ; Bolton, Damien M ; Qu, Liang G ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Trubiano, Jason A ; McDonald, Christine F ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Patel, Oneel; Ischia, Joseph J 
1123-Nov-2020Comparison of self-report and administrative data sources to capture health care resource use in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease following pulmonary rehabilitation.Grimwood, Chantal L; Holland, Anne E ; McDonald, Christine F ; Mahal, Ajay; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Cox, Narelle S ; Moore, Rosemary ; Nicolson, Caroline; O'Halloran, Paul; Lahham, Aroub; Gillies, Rebecca; Burge, Angela T 
124-Nov-2020Defining timeliness in care for patients with lung cancer: protocol for a scoping review.Ansar, Adnan; Lewis, Virginia; McDonald, Christine F ; Liu, Chaojie; Rahman, Aziz
13Nov-2020Concise guidance for COPD.Dabscheck, Eli; McDonald, Christine F ; Yang, Ian A
1430-Sep-2020Prognosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis without anti-fibrotic therapy: a systematic review.Khor, Yet H ; Ng, Yvonne; Barnes, Hayley; Goh, Nicole S L ; McDonald, Christine F ; Holland, Anne E 
1514-Sep-2020Red-flagging the prescribing of oral corticosteroids for people with asthma.McDonald, Christine F ; Worsnop, Christopher J 
1628-Aug-2020Moderate Resting Hypoxaemia in Fibrotic Interstitial Lung Disease.Khor, Yet H ; Harrison, Amelia ; Robinson, Julien; Goh, Nicole S L ; Glaspole, Ian; McDonald, Christine F 
1716-Aug-2020How do healthcare professionals perceive physical activity prescription for community-dwelling people with COPD in Australia? A qualitative study.Lahham, Aroub; Burge, Angela T ; McDonald, Christine F ; Holland, Anne E 
1826-Jul-2020Electronic cigarettes: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.McDonald, Christine F ; Jones, Stuart; Beckert, Lutz; Bonevski, Billie; Buchanan, Tanya; Bozier, Jack; Carson-Chahhoud, Kristin V; Chapman, David G; Dobler, Claudia C; Foster, Juliet M; Hamor, Paul; Hodge, Sandra; Holmes, Peter W; Larcombe, Alexander N; Marshall, Henry M; McCallum, Gabrielle B; Miller, Alistair; Pattemore, Philip; Roseby, Robert; See, Hayley V; Stone, Emily; Thompson, Bruce R; Ween, Miranda P; Peters, Matthew J
1915-May-2020Tracheostomy in the COVID-19 era: global and multidisciplinary guidance.McGrath, Brendan A; Brenner, Michael J; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Pandian, Vinciya; Arora, Asit; Cameron, Tanis S ; Añon, José Manuel; Hernández Martínez, Gonzalo; Truog, Robert D; Block, Susan D; Lui, Grace C Y; McDonald, Christine F ; Rassekh, Christopher H; Atkins, Joshua; Qiang, Li; Vergez, Sébastien; Dulguerov, Pavel; Zenk, Johannes; Antonelli, Massimo; Pelosi, Paolo; Walsh, Brian K; Ward, Erin; Shang, You; Gasparini, Stefano; Donati, Abele; Singer, Mervyn; Openshaw, Peter J M; Tolley, Neil; Markel, Howard; Feller-Kopman, David J
20Apr-2020The impact of home-based pulmonary rehabilitation on people with mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomised controlled trial.Lahham, Aroub; McDonald, Christine F ; Moore, Rosemary P ; Cox, Narelle S ; Rawlings, Sarah; Nichols, Amanda; Liacos, Athina; Holland, Anne E