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Marie Sinclair
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Sinclair, Marie
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
127-Feb-2021Exercise physiology in cirrhosis and the potential benefits of exercise interventions - a review.West, Jack; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie 
219-Feb-2021Low participation in preventative health measures in a cohort of liver transplant recipients: a cross-sectional analysis.Low, Elizabeth S L ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Sinclair, Marie 
3Feb-2021Nutraceuticals for the treatment of sarcopenia in chronic liver disease.Hey, Penelope ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Apostolov, Ross ; Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie 
4Jan-2021Letter: TIPSS is a promising therapy for sarcopenia in cirrhosis.Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie ; Testro, Adam G ; Gow, Paul J 
527-Nov-2020Malnutrition in cirrhosis: More food for thought.Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G 
623-Sep-2020Safety and efficacy of outpatient continuous terlipressin infusion for the treatment of portal hypertensive complications in cirrhosis.Gow, Paul J ; Sinclair, Marie ; Thwaites, Phoebe A ; Angus, Peter W ; Chapman, Brooke ; Terbah, Ryma ; Testro, Adam G 
75-Sep-2020Efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir for HCV NS5A-inhibitor experienced patients with difficult to cure characteristics.Papaluca, Timothy ; Roberts, Stuart K; Strasser, Simone I; Stuart, Katherine A; Farrell, Geoffrey; MacQuillan, Gerry; Dore, Gregory J; Wade, Amanda J; George, Jacob; Hazeldine, Simon; O'Beirne, James; Wigg, Alan; Fisher, Leslie; McGarity, Bruce; Sawhney, Rohit; Sinclair, Marie ; Thomas, James; Valiozis, Ivan; Weltman, Martin; Wilson, Mark; Woodward, Aidan; Ahlenstiel, Golo; Haque, Mazhar; Levy, Miriam; Prewett, Emily; Sievert, William; Sood, Siddharth ; Tse, Edmund; Valaydon, Zina; Bowden, Scott; Douglas, Mark; New, Kate; O'Keefe, Jacinta; Hellard, Margaret; Doyle, Joseph; Stoove, Mark; Thompson, Alexander J
88-Jun-2020Terlipressin for Type 1 Hepatorenal Syndrome.Terbah, Ryma ; Gow, Paul J ; Sinclair, Marie ; Testro, Adam G 
9May-2020Letter to the Editor: Moderate Alcohol Use in Fatty Liver Disease: Don't Throw the Cabernet Out With the Bathwater.Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie 
10Feb-2020Reply.Sinclair, Marie ; Chapman, Brooke ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Angus, Peter W ; Testro, Adam G ; Scodellaro, Thomas ; Gow, Paul J 
11Dec-2019Retreatment with Elbasvir, Grazoprevir, Sofosbuvir +/- Ribavirin is effective for GT3 and GT1/4/6 HCV infection after relapse.Papaluca, Timothy ; Sinclair, Marie ; Gow, Paul J ; Pianko, Stephen; Sievert, William; Arachchi, Niranjan; Cameron, Karla; Bowden, Scott; O'Keefe, Jacinta; Doyle, Joseph; Stoove, Mark; Hellard, Margaret; Iser, David; Thompson, Alexander
1229-Nov-2019Moderate alcohol use in fatty liver disease; don't throw the cabernet out with the bathwater.Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie 
1314-Oct-2019Controversies in Diagnosing Sarcopenia in Cirrhosis-Moving from Research to Clinical Practice.Sinclair, Marie 
14Oct-2019Handgrip Strength Adds More Prognostic Value to the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease Score Than Imaging-Based Measures of Muscle Mass in Men With Cirrhosis.Sinclair, Marie ; Chapman, Brooke ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Angus, Peter W ; Testro, Adam G ; Scodellaro, Thomas ; Gow, Paul J 
15Oct-2019Fibrosing cholestatic hepatitis-like syndrome in an immunocompetent patient with an acute flare of chronic hepatitis B.Sutherland, Nigel ; Li Wai Suen, Christopher Foong Dhin; Mills, Christopher D; Lokan, Julie ; Sinclair, Marie 
16Aug-2019Continuous terlipressin infusion is associated with improved diet intake and muscle strength in patients awaiting liver transplant.Chapman, Brooke ; Gow, Paul J ; Sinclair, Marie ; Hanrahan, Timothy; Angus, Peter W ; McClure, Tess ; Mills, Christopher D; Terbah, Ryma ; Testro, Adam G 
1727-Jul-2019Epidemiology and outcomes of acute liver failure in Australia.Hey, Penelope ; Hanrahan, Timothy P; Sinclair, Marie ; Testro, Adam G ; Angus, Peter W ; Peterson, Adam; Warrillow, Stephen; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Perini, Marcos V ; Starkey, Graham M ; Jones, Robert M ; Fink, Michael A ; McClure, Tess ; Gow, Paul J 
18Jun-2019Use of Dual X-ray Absorptiometry in men with advanced cirrhosis to predict sarcopenia-associated mortality risk.Sinclair, Marie ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Peterson, Adam; Testro, Adam G ; Angus, Peter W ; Hey, Penelope ; Chapman, Brooke ; Gow, Paul J 
193-Apr-2019Successful liver transplantation in common variable immune deficiency with reversal of hepatopulmonary syndrome.Apostolov, Ross ; Sinclair, Marie ; Lokan, Julie ; Angus, Peter W 
2028-Feb-2019Women on the liver transplantation waitlist are at increased risk of hospitalization compared to men.Rubin, Jessica B; Sinclair, Marie ; Rahimi, Robert S; Tapper, Elliot B; Lai, Jennifer C