Joe-Anthony Rotella

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Joe-Anthony Rotella
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Rotella, Joe-Anthony
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
115-Apr-2021Characteristics, presentation and outcomes of music festival patrons with stimulant drug-induced serotonin toxicity.Miles, Lachlan F ; Austin, Kristy; Eade, Alan; Anderson, David; Graudins, Andis ; McGain, Forbes; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Greene, Shaun L ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Dutch, Martin
220-Apr-2020Treatment for beta-blocker poisoning: a systematic review.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Greene, Shaun L ; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Graudins, Andis ; Hung Leang, Yit; Kuan, Kelvin; Baxter, Helen ; Bourke, M; Wong, Anselm Y 
328-Mar-2020Fatty liver as a radiological incidental finding in the emergency department: An opportunity to lessen a growing burden on the health care system.Kutaiba, Numan ; Ardalan, Zaid S M; Rotella, Joe-Anthony 
48-Feb-2020Overdose of pong pong (Cerbera odollam) seeds bought over the internet.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Wong, Ophelia; Wong, Anselm Y ; Graudins, Andis 
5Feb-2020End-tidal capnography provides reliable ventilatory monitoring for non-intubated patients presenting after sedative overdose to the emergency department.Millane, Teri; Greene, Shaun L ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Leang, Yit Hung 
6Oct-2019Incidental hepatic steatosis in radiology reports: a survey of emergency department clinicians' perspectives and current practice.Kutaiba, Numan ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Ardalan, Zaid S M; Testro, Adam G 
7Oct-2019Liraglutide toxicity presenting to the emergency department: A case report and literature review.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Wong, Anselm Y 
8Sep-2019Massive eucalyptus oil overdose leading to prolonged coma.Hume, Simon John; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Gome, James J; Wong, Anselm Y 
9Aug-2019Incidental hepatic steatosis on unenhanced computed tomography performed for suspected renal colic: Gaps in reporting and documentation.Kutaiba, Numan ; Richmond, Danielle; Morey, Matthew; Brennan, Daniel; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Ardalan, Zaid S M; Goodwin, Mark D 
1019-Mar-2018Improved Assessment of Chest pain Trial (IMPACT): assessing patients with possible acute coronary syndrome.Rotella, Joe-Anthony 
112018Taming the zebra: unravelling the barriers to diagnosing aortic dissectionRotella, Joe-Anthony ; Yeoh, Michael J 
122018Aortic dissection detection risk score has high sensitivity with moderate inter-rater reliability.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Goel, Vishal ; Chan, Thomas; Yeoh, Michael; Taylor, David McD 
132016Accuracy of QT interval measurement on electrocardiographs displayed on electronic ‘smart’ devicesRotella, Joe-Anthony ; Taylor, David McD ; Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun
141-Nov-2014Factors influencing escalation of care by junior medical officers.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Yu, W; Ferguson, J; Jones, Daryl A 
1511-Sep-2014Perceptions of the ACEM trainee research requirement: the case for improving access and enhancing the experience.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Jamieson, Gary P; Mitchell, Rob; Perry, Andrew; Couser, Geoff
161-Aug-2014Refractory hypotension treated with vasopressin after intentional clozapine overdose.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Zarei, Fahart; Frauman, Albert G ; Greene, Shaun L 
171-Jun-2014Deliberate fingolimod overdose presenting with delayed hypotension and bradycardia responsive to atropine.Stephenson, M; Wong, Anselm Y ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Crump, Nicholas H ; Kerr, F; Greene, Shaun L 
188-Nov-2013@Toxicology in the Twittersphere: more than just 140 characters….Wong, Anselm ; Greene, Shaun L ; Rotella, Joe-Anthony 
191-Jun-2010Images for surgeons. An incidental finding of Castleman's disease in a pregnant woman.Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Elsner, Daniel; Fleming, Bill