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Wee Loon Ong
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Ong, Wee Loon
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
125-May-2021Radiation oncology training in Australia and New Zealand during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic - lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement.Ong, Wee Loon ; Weerasinghe, Chamitha
212-Apr-2021Trend in stereotactic radiation therapy use for management of bone and brain metastases in patients with renal cell carcinoma in Australia.Ong, Wee Loon ; Siva, Shankar; Milne, Roger L; Foroudi, Farshad ; Millar, Jeremy L
3Mar-2021Palliative radiotherapy for bone metastases at the end of life in Victoria.Ong, Wee Loon ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Milne, Roger L; Millar, Jeremy L
420-Feb-2021Prognostic performance of qSOFA in oncology patients admitted to the emergency department with suspected infection.Koh, Tze Lui ; Canet, Emmanuel; Amjad, Sobia; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Taylor, David McD ; Gan, Hui K ; Marhoon, Nada ; Lim, Andrew Boon Ming ; Ong, Wee Loon ; Krishnan, Vivek; Khor, Richard 
516-Feb-2021Choosing Wisely in radiation therapy for breast cancer: Time lag in adoption of hypofractionated radiation therapy in Victoria.Ong, Wee Loon ; Khor, Richard ; Chao, Michael ; Milne, Roger L; Millar, Jeremy; Foroudi, Farshad 
612-Jan-2021Proximal seminal vesicle displacement and margins for prostate cancer radiotherapy.Lim Joon, Daryl ; Chao, Michael ; Piccolo, Angelina; Schneider, Michal; Anderson, Nigel; Handley, Monica; Benci, Margaret; Ong, Wee Loon ; Daly, Karen; Morrell, Rebecca; Wan, Kenneth; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Foroudi, Farshad ; Jenkins, Trish ; Angus, David ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Sengupta, Shomik ; Khoo, Vincent
7Jun-2020Stereotactic radiosurgery for managing brain metastases in Victoria, 2012-2017.Ong, Wee Loon ; Kang, Therese Ming Jung; Ratnayake, Gishan; Wada, Morikatsu ; Ruben, Jeremy; Senthi, Sashendra; Milne, Roger L; Millar, Jeremy L; Foroudi, Farshad 
8Jun-2020Radiation oncology trainee research requirements - re-thinking our intention and approach.Ong, Wee Loon ; Koh, Tze Lui; Udovicich, Cristian; Hanna, Gerard G; Ball, David; Millar, Jeremy; Foroudi, Farshad 
9Jan-2020Variation in the use of single- versus multi-fractions palliative radiotherapy for bone metastases in Australia.Ong, Wee Loon ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Milne, Roger L; Millar, Jeremy L
10Oct-2019Contemporary practice patterns of stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastasis: A review of published Australian literature.Ong, Wee Loon ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Ruben, Jeremy; Foroudi, Farshad ; Millar, Jeremy
1111-Sep-2019Prostate-specific membrane antigen-positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PSMA-PET/CT)-guided stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy for oligometastatic prostate cancer: a single-institution experience and review of the published literature.Ong, Wee Loon ; Koh, Tze Lui; Lim Joon, Daryl ; Chao, Michael ; Farrugia, Briana; Lau, Eddie ; Khoo, Vincent; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Bolton, Damien M ; Foroudi, Farshad 
126-May-2019Trends in Conservative Management for Low-risk Prostate Cancer in a Population-based Cohort of Australian Men Diagnosed Between 2009 and 2016.Ong, Wee Loon ; Evans, Sue M; Evans, Melanie; Tacey, Mark A ; Dodds, Lachlan; Kearns, Paul; Milne, Roger L; Foroudi, Farshad ; Millar, Jeremy
132019Are we Choosing Wisely® in radiation oncology practice - findings from an Australian population-based study.Ong, Wee Loon ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Milne, Roger L; Millar, Jeremy L
1419-Oct-2018Brachytherapy-based radiotherapy with androgen deprivation for management of high-risk prostate cancer - time to reverse the declining trend?Ong, Wee Loon ; Yaxley, John W; Millar, Jeremy L
158-Oct-2018Androgen deprivation therapy use with post-prostatectomy radiotherapy in the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry Victoria.Ong, Wee Loon ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Evans, Sue; Millar, Jeremy
1624-Jul-2018Optimal Treatment for High-Risk Prostate Cancer.Ong, Wee Loon ; Koh, Tze Lui; Millar, Jeremy
171-Apr-2018In Regard to Yang et al.Ong, Wee Loon ; Evans, Sue; Millar, Jeremy
18Apr-2018Under-utilisation of high-dose-rate brachytherapy boost in men with intermediate-high risk prostate cancer treated with external beam radiotherapy.Ong, Wee Loon ; Evans, Sue M; Millar, Jeremy L
19Dec-2017Patterns of health services utilization in the last two weeks of life among cancer patients: Experience in an Australian academic cancer center.Ong, Wee Loon ; Khor, Richard ; Bressel, Mathias; Tran, Phillip; Tedesco, Jo; Tai, Keen Hun; Ball, David; Duchesne, Gillian; Foroudi, Farshad 
20Nov-2017Large institutional variations in androgen deprivation therapy utilization with definitive radiotherapy in a population-based cohort of men with intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancerOng, Wee Loon ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Evans, Sue; Millar, Jeremy L