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Simon R Knight
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Knight, Simon R
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Apr-2021Pulmonary carcinoid tumours: A multi-centre analysis of survival and predictors of outcome following sublobar, lobar, and extended pulmonary resections.Thakur, Sameer; Florisson, Daniel; Telianidis, Stacy; Yaftian, Nima; Lee, Jean; Knight, Simon R ; Barnett, Stephen A ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Antippa, Phillip; Alam, Naveed; Wright, Gavin
2Apr-2020Reply to the letter-to-the editor "Hospital volume and the case for centralisation of surgical services".Thai, Alesha A; Stuart, E; Te Marvelde, L; Milne, R L; Knight, Simon R ; Whitfield, K; Mitchell, Paul L R 
3Mar-2019Hospital lung surgery volume and patient outcomes.Thai, Alesha A; Stuart, E; Te Marvelde, L; Milne, R L; Knight, S ; Whitfield, K; Mitchell, Paul L R 
418-Jul-2018Development of a clinical decision support system for living kidney donor assessment based on national guidelines.Knight, Simon R ; Cao, Khoa N; South, Matthew; Hayward, Nicki; Hunter, James P; Fox, John
5Dec-2016Calretinin but not caveolin-1 correlates with tumour histology and survival in malignant mesothelioma.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Deb, Siddhartha; Barnett, Stephen A ; Knight, Simon R ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Liew, Danny; Watkins, D Neil; John, Thomas 
616-Sep-2013Outcomes after pulmonary metastasectomy for colorectal cancer.Perera, Nisal K; Knight, Simon R 
723-Jul-2013The role of Cancer-Testis antigens as predictive and prognostic markers in non-small cell lung cancer.John, Thomas ; Starmans, Maud H W; Chen, Yao-Tseng; Russell, Prudence A; Barnett, Stephen A ; White, Shane C; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Azad, Arun A; Lambin, Philippe; Tsao, Ming-Sound; Deb, Siddhartha; Altorki, Nasser; Wright, Gavin; Knight, Simon R ; Boutros, Paul C; Cebon, Jonathan S 
81-Jul-2010Long-term survival of 42 patients with resected N2 non-small-cell lung cancer: the impact of 2-(18)F-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomogram mediastinal staging.Barnett, Stephen A ; Baste, Jean-Marc; Murugappan, Kowsi; Tog, Check; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Scott, Andrew M ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Knight, Simon R 
928-Mar-2009Prognostic value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.Lee, S T; Ghanem, M; Herbertson, R A; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Byrne, Amanda J; Tabone, K; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Knight, Simon R ; Feigen, Malcolm; Scott, Andrew M 
1021-May-2007Prevalence of occult metastatic disease in patients undergoing 18F-FDG PET for primary diagnosis or staging of lung carcinoma and solitary pulmonary nodules.Lee, S T; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Poon, A M T; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Pathmaraj, K ; Tabone, K; Byrne, Amanda J; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Knight, Simon R ; Clarke, C Peter; Scott, Andrew M 
111-Dec-2006Lack of correlation of hypoxic cell fraction and angiogenesis with glucose metabolic rate in non-small cell lung cancer assessed by 18F-Fluoromisonidazole and 18F-FDG PET.Cherk, Martin H; Foo, Serene S; Poon, Aurora M T ; Knight, Simon R ; Murone, Carmel ; Papenfuss, Anthony T; Sachinidis, John I; Saunder, Timothy H C; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Scott, Andrew M 
121-Aug-2006Percutaneous versus surgical tracheostomy: A randomized controlled study with long-term follow-up.Silvester, William; Goldsmith, Donna; Uchino, Shigehiko; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Knight, Simon R ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Brazzale, Danny J ; McMahon, Marcus; Buckmaster, Jon; Hart, Graeme K ; Opdam, Helen Ingrid; Pierce, Robert J; Gutteridge, Geoffrey A
131-Jun-2006Management of malignant mesothelioma by decortication and adjunct phototherapy.Clarke, Charles P; Knight, Simon R ; Daniel, Freddy J; Seevanayagam, Siven 
141-May-2006Tracheobronchial injuries from blunt trauma.Wong, Edward H N; Knight, Simon R 
151-Jun-2005Video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) pleurodesis for malignant effusion: an Australian teaching hospital's experience.Trotter, Dean; Aly, Ahmad ; Siu, Lyndon; Knight, Simon R 
165-May-2005Positron emission tomography with selected mediastinoscopy compared to routine mediastinoscopy offers cost and clinical outcome benefits for pre-operative staging of non-small cell lung cancer.Yap, Kelvin K; Byrne, Amanda J; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Poon, Aurora M T ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Knight, Simon R ; Clarke, Peter C; Harris, Anthony H; Tauro, Andrew; Rowe, Christopher C ; Scott, Andrew M 
171-Oct-2004False-positive FDG positron emission tomography in pulmonary amyloidosis.Ollenberger, Glenn P; Knight, Simon R ; Tauro, Andrew J
181-Jun-1990Retrophrenic location of the internal mammary artery graft.Buxton, Brian F ; Knight, Simon R