Khashayar Asadi

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Khashayar Asadi
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Asadi, Khashayar
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2023Real-world prevalence of PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer: an Australia-wide multi-centre retrospective observational study.Russell, Prudence A; Farrall, Alexandra L; Prabhakaran, Sarita; Asadi, Khashayar ; Barrett, Wade; Cooper, Caroline; Cooper, Wendy; Cotton, Samuel; Duhig, Edwina; Egan, Matthew; Fox, Stephen; Godbolt, David; Gupta, Shilpa; Hassan, Aniza; Leslie, Connull; Leong, Trishe; Moffat, David; Qiu, Min Ru; Sivasubramaniam, Vanathi; Skerman, Joanna; Snell, Cameron; Walsh, Michael; Whale, Karen; Klebe, Sonja
231-Jul-2023Real-world challenges in undertaking NTRK fusion testing in non-small cell lung cancer.Poh, Ashleigh; Sammour, Abdelaziz; Mathai, Jared; Peverall, Joanne; Van Vliet, Chris; Asadi, Khashayar ; Parakh, Sagun 
3Apr-2023Gallbladder-associated ectopic liver tissue during cholecystectomy.Zhang, Wendall; Weinberg, Laurence ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad 
4Feb-2023Kikuchi's Disease Diagnosed by an Excisional Biopsy in a Patient With COVID-19.Al-Roubaie, Aymen; Uthuman, Ali; Aldujaili, Thair; Asadi, Khashayar ; Alabbood, Majid
522-Oct-2022Searching for a cause of a gastric ulcer in case of common variable immunodeficiency: cytomegalovirus.Tan, Ethan Xin Zhi; Hui, Samuel; Asadi, Khashayar ; Wong, Darren
6May-2022Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-2 Therapy Improves Liver Fibrosis and Glycemic Control in Diabetic Mice With Fatty Liver.Rajapaksha, Indu G; Gunarathne, Lakmie S; Asadi, Khashayar ; Laybutt, Ross; Andrikopoulous, Sof; Alexander, Ian E; Watt, Mathew J; Angus, Peter W ; Herath, Chandana B
7May-2022Herb-Induced Liver Injury: A Report on Two Australian CasesPeri, Varun ; Yu, Catherine; Vaz, Karl; Asadi, Khashayar ; Grace, Josephine A 
822-Feb-2022Giant pseudosarcomatous polyp of the gallbladder.Issa, Michael; Naazar, Ali; Goh, Su Kah ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Lee, Eunice 
9Mar-2021Expression of EGFR and conformational forms of EGFR in malignant pleural mesothelioma and its impact on survival.Chia, Puey Ling ; Parakh, Sagun ; Russell, Prudence; Gan, Hui K ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Gebski, Val; Murone, Carmel ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Liu, Zhanqi; Thapa, Bibhusal ; Scott, Fiona E; Scott, Andrew M ; John, Thomas 
105-Oct-2020Ustekinumab is a safe and effective biologic agent for Crohn's disease in a Liver Transplant patient.Peverelle, Matthew R ; Asadi, Khashayar ; De Cruz, Peter P 
11Sep-2020Case of nivolumab-induced sclerosing cholangitis: lessons from long-term follow-up.McClure, Tess ; Cui, Wanyuan; Asadi, Khashayar ; John, Thomas ; Testro, Adam G 
12Aug-2020NTRK and ALK rearrangements in malignant pleural mesothelioma, pulmonary neuroendocrine tumours and non-small cell lung cancer.Leal, Jose Luis; Peters, Geoffrey; Szaumkessel, Marcin; Leong, Trishe Y-M; Asadi, Khashayar ; Rivalland, Gareth; Do, Hongdo; Senko, Clare ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Quing, Chai Zi; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Thapa, Bibhusal ; John, Thomas 
13Jun-2020Hepatitis B virus activity is not associated with degree of liver steatosis in patients with Hepatitis B-related chronic liver disease.Worland, Thomas ; Apostolov, Ross ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Leung, Christopher 
14Dec-2019Liver-Targeted Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 Therapy Inhibits Chronic Biliary Fibrosis in Multiple Drug-Resistant Gene 2-Knockout Mice.Rajapaksha, Indu G; Gunarathne, Lakmie S; Asadi, Khashayar ; Cunningham, Sharon C; Sharland, Alexandra; Alexander, Ian E; Angus, Peter W ; Herath, Chandana B
15Nov-2018Drug-induced liver failure due to rivaroxaban.Peverelle, Matthew R ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Sinclair, Marie 
169-Aug-2018Hepatic angiosarcoma as a cause of acute liver failure.Singh, Gurpreet; Mills, Christopher; Asadi, Khashayar ; Testro, Adam G 
1722-Apr-2017PD-L1 and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes as prognostic markers in resected NSCLCAmeratunga, Malaka; Asadi, Khashayar ; Lin, Xihui; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Knight, Simon; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Boutros, Paul; John, Thomas 
1824-Feb-2017Mycophenolate mofetil toxicity mimicking acute cellular rejection in a small intestinal transplant.Apostolov, Ross ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Lokan, Julie ; Kam, Ning; Testro, Adam G 
19Feb-2017Elastosis perforans serpiginosa in a patient with Wilson's disease.Thwaites, Phoebe A ; Khan, Saad A; Asadi, Khashayar ; Angus, Peter W 
202017Gastric adenocarinoma of the upper oesophagus: a literature review and case reportRiddiough, Georgina E ; Hornby, Steve T; Asadi, Khashayar ; Aly, Ahmed