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14-Apr-2024Durability of penicillin allergy delabeling and post-testing penicillin utilisation in adults with immune compromise.Rose, Morgan T ; Mitri, Elise A ; Vogrin, Sara; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Slavin, Monica A; Trubiano, Jason 
2Jan-2024COVID-19 booster vaccine acceptance following allergy evaluation in individuals with allergies.Stehlin, Florian; Khoudja, Rabea Y; Al-Otaibi, Ibtihal; ALMuhizi, Faisal; Fein, Michael; Gilbert, Louise; Tsoukas, Christos; Ben-Shoshan, Moshe; Copaescu, Ana-Maria; Clarisse Isabwe, Ghislaine Annie
3Jan-2024Durability of immune responses after drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms.Awad, Andrew; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Clatch, Allison; James, Fiona L ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Gibney, Grace; Rose, Morgan T ; Copaescu, Ana ; Goh, Michelle ; Mackay, Laura K; Christo, Susan N; Gordon, Claire L ; Philips, Elizabeth J; Trubiano, Jason 
4Dec-2023Drug allergy in women.Lee, Erika Yue; Copaescu, Ana Maria; Trubiano, Jason ; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Wolfson, Anna R; Ramsey, Allison
51-Sep-2023Efficacy of a Clinical Decision Rule to Enable Direct Oral Challenge in Patients With Low-Risk Penicillin Allergy: The PALACE Randomized Clinical Trial.Copaescu, Ana Maria; Vogrin, Sara; James, Fiona L ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Rose, Morgan T ; De Luca, Joseph; Waldron, Jamie; Awad, Andrew; Godsell, Jack; Mitri, Elise A ; Lambros, Belinda; Douglas, Abby ; Youcef Khoudja, Rabea; Isabwe, Ghislaine A C; Genest, Genevieve; Fein, Michael; Radojicic, Cristine; Collier, Ann; Lugar, Patricia; Stone, Cosby; Ben-Shoshan, Moshe; Turner, Nicholas A; Holmes, Natasha E ; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Trubiano, Jason A
617-Aug-2023Reply to Author.Trubiano, Jason ; Vogrin, Sara; Douglas, Abby P; Chua, Kyra Y L 
710-Aug-2023Oral Penicillin Challenge in Adult Community Practice and Primary Care, Australia.Waldron, Jamie L; Hackett, John; Chaung, Yee Lin; Rodway, Peter; Clark, Malcolm; Trubiano, Jason ; Chua, Kyra Y L 
81-Aug-2023Penicillin Allergy Impact and Management.Wrenn, Rebekah H; Trubiano, Jason 
920-Jul-2023Oral challenge vs routine care to assess low-risk penicillin allergy in critically ill hospital patients (ORACLE): a pilot randomised controlled trial.Rose, Morgan T ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Eastwood, Glenn M ; Vogrin, Sara; James, Fiona L ; Phung, Michelle; Barnes, Sara; Murfin, Brendan; Rogers, Ben; Lambros, Belinda; Peel, Trisha; Gibney, Grace; Slavin, Monica; Trubiano, Jason 
105-Jul-2023The Who, What, When and Where of Inpatient Direct Oral Penicillin Challenge - Implications for health services implementation.Trubiano, Jason ; Vogrin, S; Mitri, Elise A ; Hall, R; Copaescu, Ana ; Waldron, J; De Luca, J; Rose, Morgan T ; Mackay, G; Lambros, B; Douglas, A P; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chua, Kyra Y L 
1127-Mar-2023Robust SARS-CoV-2 T cell responses with common TCRαβ motifs toward COVID-19 vaccines in patients with hematological malignancy impacting B cells.Nguyen, Thi H O; Rowntree, Louise C; Allen, Lilith F; Chua, Brendon Y; Kedzierski, Lukasz; Lim, Chhay; Lasica, Masa; Tennakoon, G Surekha; Saunders, Natalie R; Crane, Megan; Chee, Lynette; Seymour, John F; Anderson, Mary Ann; Whitechurch, Ashley; Clemens, E Bridie; Zhang, Wuji; Chang, So Young; Habel, Jennifer R; Jia, Xiaoxiao; McQuilten, Hayley A; Minervina, Anastasia A; Pogorelyy, Mikhail V; Chaurasia, Priyanka; Petersen, Jan; Menon, Tejas; Hensen, Luca; Neil, Jessica A; Mordant, Francesca L; Tan, Hyon-Xhi; Cabug, Aira F; Wheatley, Adam K; Kent, Stephen J; Subbarao, Kanta; Karapanagiotidis, Theo; Huang, Han; Vo, Lynn K; Cain, Natalie L; Nicholson, Suellen; Krammer, Florian; Gibney, Grace; James, Fiona L ; Trevillyan, Janine ; Trubiano, Jason ; Mitchell, Jeni; Christensen, Britt; Bond, Katherine A; Williamson, Deborah A; Rossjohn, Jamie; Crawford, Jeremy Chase; Thomas, Paul G; Thursky, Karin A; Slavin, Monica A; Tam, Constantine S; Teh, Benjamin W; Kedzierska, Katherine
127-Mar-2023Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms: A systematic review.Awad, Andrew; Goh, Michelle ; Trubiano, Jason 
1325-Jan-2023Circulating effector γδ T cell populations are associated with acute coronavirus disease 19 in unvaccinated individuals.von Borstel, Anouk; Nguyen, Thi Ho; Rowntree, Louise C; Ashhurst, Thomas M; Allen, Lilith F; Howson, Lauren J; Holmes, Natasha E ; Smibert, Olivia C ; Trubiano, Jason ; Gordon, Claire L ; Cheng, Allen C; Kent, Stephen J; Rossjohn, Jamie; Kedzierska, Katherine; Davey, Martin S
1430-Nov-2022Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services (VicSIS) - bolstering adult clinics for COVID-19 vaccines.Gordon, Sally F; Virah Sawmy, Elise; Duckworth, Eleanor; Wolthuizen, Michelle; Clothier, Hazel J; Chea, Malinda; Tenneti, Naveen; Blow, Ngaree; Buttery, Jim P; de Luca, Joseph; Korman, Tony M; Barnes, Sara; Slade, Charlotte; Maggs, Callum; Giles, Michelle L; Teh, Benjamin W; Aboltins, Craig; Langan, Katherine M; Van Diemen, Annaliese; Crawford, Nigel W
15Oct-2022Tools to improve the diagnosis and management of T-cell mediated adverse drug reactions.Copaescu, Ana Maria; Ben-Shoshan, Moshe; Trubiano, Jason 
16Oct-2022Antibiotic allergy labels in immunocompromised populations.Waldron, Jamie L; Trubiano, Jason 
1717-Aug-2022Study protocol: Australasian Registry of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions (AUS-SCAR).James, Fiona L ; Goh, Michelle S Y; Mouhtouris, Effie ; Vogrin, Sara; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Awad, Andrew; Copaescu, Ana ; De Luca, Joseph F; Zubrinich, Celia; Gin, Douglas; Cleland, Heather; Douglas, Abby; Kern, Johannes S; Katelaris, Constance H; Thien, Francis; Barnes, Sara; Yun, James; Tong, Winnie; Smith, William B; Carr, Andrew; Anderson, Tara; Legg, Amy; Bourke, Jack; Mackay, Laura K; Aung, Ar Kar; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Trubiano, Jason 
188-Aug-2022Use of a penicillin allergy clinical decision rule to enable direct oral penicillin provocation: an international multicentre randomised control trial in an adult population (PALACE): study protocol.Copaescu, Ana ; James, Fiona L ; Vogrin, Sara; Rose, Morgan T ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Turner, Nicholas A; Stone, Cosby; Phillips, Elizabeth; Trubiano, Jason 
194-Aug-2022Safety of COVID-19 vaccine challenge in patients with immediate adverse reactions to prior doses - A multicentre cohort study.De Luca, Joseph F; Awad, Andrew; Vogrin, Sara; Douglas, Abby P; Lutjen, Antje; Gordon, Sally F; Crawford, Nigel W; Barnes, Sara; Trubiano, Jason 
20Aug-2022Allergic reactions to the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine (ARCOV) study: The McGill University Health Centre experience.ALMuhizi, Faisal; Fein, Michael; Gabrielli, Sofianne; Gilbert, Louise; Tsoukas, Christos; Ben-Shoshan, Moshe; Copaescu, Ana ; Isabwe, Ghislaine Annie Clarisse