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Pain Service
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Heidelberg, Victoria

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1Jul-2022Use of a buprenorphine-based pain management protocol is associated with reduced opioid requirements and pain on swallowing in oral mucositis: a retrospective cohort study.Meyer, Ilonka; Chan, Brandon; Cohen, Emma ; Dube, Esther; Hu, Raymond T C ; Yeomans, Megan; Pontonio, Frances; Heldreich, Charlotte; O'Conghaile, Stiofan ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Maroon, Nada; Weinberg, Laurence ; Tan, Chong O 
2Feb-2021Co-located or Freestanding in Multi-Trauma Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.Farr, Babak ; Olver, John; Fedele, Bianca; McKenzie, Dean
319-Sep-2017MedAdvisor: an app for taking medications safely, effectively and on time.Daly, Anne E