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1May-2022Preoperative Imaging in Patients with Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: An Important Aid in Predicting Depth of Infiltration in Rectosigmoid Disease.Sloss, Samantha; Mooney, Samantha; Ellett, Lenore; Readman, Emma; Ma, Tony; Brouwer, Richard; Yang, Natalie ; Ireland-Jenkin, Kerryn ; Stone, Kate; Maher, Peter
2Oct-2021Pelvic pain: What are the symptoms and predictors for surgery, endometriosis and endometriosis severity.Conroy, Isabelle; Mooney, Samantha S; Kavanagh, Shane; Duff, Michael; Jakab, Ilona; Robertson, Katharine; Fitzgerald, Amy L; Mccutchan, Alexandra; Madden, Siana; Maxwell, Sarah; Nair, Shweta; Origanti, Nimita; Quinless, Alish; Mirowski-Allen, Kelly; Sewell, Megan; Grover, Sonia R 
3Sep-2021The importance of informed fertility counselling for trans young people.Davies, Cristyn; Elder, Charlotte V ; Riggs, Damien W; Robinson, Kerry H
419-May-2021Effective fertility counselling for transgender adolescents: a qualitative study of clinician attitudes and practices.Lai, Timothy Chwan; Davies, Cristyn; Robinson, Kerry; Feldman, Debi; Elder, Charlotte Victoria; Cooper, Charlie; Pang, Ken C; McDougall, Rosalind
5Feb-2020Reducing unnecessary investigations in adolescent gynaecology: The utility of pelvic ultrasonography for adolescents presenting¬†with heavy menstrual bleeding.Lazanyi, Mikhaila; Grover, Sonia R