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1Dec-2023Impact of a sustained, collaborative antimicrobial stewardship programme in spinal cord injury patients.Perera, D; Vogrin, S; Khumra, Sharmila ; Motaganahalli, S; Batrouney, A; Urbancic, K; Devchand, M; Mitri, E; Clements, R; Nunn, A; Reynolds, G; Trubiano, Jason 
229-Nov-2023Complex lived experiences and hidden disability after spinal cord injury: a latent profile analysis of the Australian arm of the International Spinal Cord Injury (Aus-InSCI) Community Survey.Kifley, Annette; Geraghty, Timothy J; Arora, Mohit; Bourke, John; Craig, Ashley; Cameron, Ian D; Nunn, Andrew K ; Marshall, Ruth; Middleton, James W
3Sep-2023Early and intensive motor training to enhance neurological recovery in people with spinal cord injury: trial protocol.Harvey, Lisa A; Glinsky, Joanne V; Chu, Jackie; Herbert, Robert D; Liu, Hueiming; Jan, Stephen; Billot, Laurent; Scivoletto, Giorgio; Spooren, Annemie I; Seelen, Henk A; Ben, Marsha; Tranter, Keira; Chen, Lydia W; Rainey, Donna; Rimmer, Christine; Jorgensen, Vivien; Di Natal, Fernanda; Denis, Sophie; Gollan, Emilie J; Tamburella, Federica; Agostinello, Jacqui; van Laake-Geelen, Charlotte M; Bell, Chris; Lincoln, Claire; Stolwijk, Janneke M; van der Lede, Jessica; Paddison, Sue; Oostra, Kristine; Cameron, Ian D; Weber, Gerard; Sherrington, Catherine; Nunn, Andrew K ; Synnott, Emma-Leigh; McCaughey, Euan; Kaur, Jasbeer; Shetty, Sachin
4May-2023Surgical management of pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury patients.Adamson, Sarah Rose; Whitty, Sarah; Flood, Stephen; Neoh, Derek E ; Nunn, Andrew ; Clegg, Ben; Ng, Sally Kiu-Huen 
520-Apr-2023A Multidisciplinary Approach to Verbal Communication Interventions for Mechanically Ventilated Adults With a TracheostomyZaga, Charissa J ; Chao, Caroline ; Cameron, Tanis S ; Ross, Jacqueline M ; Rautela, Linda ; Rollinson, Thomas C ; Marchingo, Emma; Gregson, Prudence A; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Atkins, Naomi E ; Howard, Mark E 
613-Feb-2023Immediate Cooling and Early Decompression for the Treatment of Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: A Safety and Feasibility Study.Batchelor, Peter; Bernard, Stephen; Gantner, Dashiell; Udy, Andrew; Board, Jasmin; Fitzgerald, Mark; Skeers, Peta; Battistuzzo, Camila; Stephenson, Mick; Smith, Karen; Nunn, Andrew K 
72023Australian arm of the International Spinal Cord Injury (Aus-InSCI) Community Survey: 3. Drivers of quality of life in people with spinal cord injury.Kifley, Annette; Arora, Mohit; Nunn, Andrew K ; Marshall, Ruth; Geraghty, Timothy; Weber, Gerard; Urquhart, Sue; Craig, Ashley; Cameron, Ian D; Middleton, James W
82023Australian arm of the International Spinal Cord Injury (Aus-InSCI) community survey: 1. population-based design, methodology and cohort profile.Middleton, James W; Arora, Mohit; Kifley, Annette; Geraghty, Timothy; Borg, Samantha J; Marshall, Ruth; Clark, Jillian; Nunn, Andrew K ; Ferrante, Anna; Fekete, Christine; Stucki, Gerold; Gopinath, Bamini; Craig, Ashley; Cameron, Ian D
9Dec-2022Leisure-Time Physical Activity in People With Spinal Cord Injury-Predictors of Exercise Guideline Adherence.Watson, Paul K; Arora, Mohit; Middleton, James W; Quel de Oliveira, Camila; Heard, Robert; Nunn, Andrew K ; Geraghty, Timothy; Marshall, Ruth; Davis, Glen M
103-Aug-2022Predicting strength outcomes for upper limb nerve transfer surgery in tetraplegia.Stanley, Edward A; Hill, Bridget ; McKenzie, Dean P; Chapuis, Pierre; Galea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha 
1115-Jun-2022Australian arm of the International Spinal Cord Injury (Aus-InSCI) Community Survey: 2. Understanding the lived experience in people with spinal cord injury.Middleton, James W; Arora, Mohit; Kifley, Annette; Clark, Jillian; Borg, Samantha J; Tran, Yvonne; Atresh, Sridhar; Kaur, Jasbeer; Shetty, Sachin; Nunn, Andrew K ; Marshall, Ruth; Geraghty, Timothy
12May-2022Factors Related to Engagement in Employment After Spinal Cord Injury in Australia: A Cross-sectional Study.Borg, Samantha J; Borg, David N; Arora, Mohit; Middleton, James W; Marshall, Ruth; Nunn, Andrew K ; Geraghty, Timothy
132022Long-term health and mobility of older adults following traumatic injury: a qualitative longitudinal study.Reeder, Sandra; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Ponsford, Jennie; Fitzgerald, Mark; Lyons, Ronan; Nunn, Andrew K ; Ekegren, Christina; Cameron, Peter; Gabbe, Belinda
14Oct-2021Employment outcomes following spinal cord injury: a population-based cross-sectional study in Australia.Borg, Samantha J; Geraghty, Timothy; Arora, Mohit; Foster, Michele; Marshall, Ruth; Nunn, Andrew K ; Middleton, James W
15Sep-2021Transfer of the supinator nerve to the posterior interosseous nerve for hand opening in tetraplegia through an anterior approach.van Zyl, Natasha ; Galea, Mary P ; Cooper, Catherine ; Hahn, Jodie ; Hill, Bridget 
16Jan-2021Heterogeneity in microstructural deterioration following spinal cord injury.Ghasem-Zadeh, Ali ; Galea, Mary P ; Nunn, Andrew K ; Panisset, Maya G ; Wang, Xiao-Fang ; Iuliano, Sandra ; Boyd, Steven K; Forwood, Mark R; Seeman, Ego 
172021Nothing to lose: a phenomenological study of upper limb nerve transfer surgery for individuals with tetraplegia.Mooney, Alysha; Hewitt, Alana E; Hahn, Jodie 
1822-Dec-2020Peripheral Nerve Dysfunction after Spinal Cord InjuryGalea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha ; Messina, Aurora
19Sep-2020Tolerability of caloric vestibular stimulation in a persistent pain cohort.Ngo, Trung T; Barsdell, Wendy N; Law, Phillip C F; Arnold, Carolyn A; Chou, Michael J; Nunn, Andrew K ; Brown, Douglas J; Fitzgerald, Paul B; Gibson, Stephen J; Miller, Steven M
20Jul-2020Adaptation, self-motivation and support services are key to physical activity participation three to five years after major trauma: a qualitative study.Ekegren, Christina L; Braaf, Sandra; Ameratunga, Shanthi; Ponsford, Jennie; Nunn, Andrew K ; Cameron, Peter; Lyons, Ronan A; Gabbe, Belinda J