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1May-2021Rare presentation of isolated bilateral testicular myeloid sarcoma: A case report.Thomson, Alice; Timm, Brennan ; Nazaretian, Simon; Liodakis, Peter ; Bolton, Damien M 
212-Jan-2021Proximal seminal vesicle displacement and margins for prostate cancer radiotherapy.Lim Joon, Daryl ; Chao, Michael ; Piccolo, Angelina; Schneider, Michal; Anderson, Nigel; Handley, Monica; Benci, Margaret; Ong, Wee Loon ; Daly, Karen; Morrell, Rebecca; Wan, Kenneth; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Foroudi, Farshad ; Jenkins, Trish ; Angus, David ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Sengupta, Shomik ; Khoo, Vincent
329-Dec-2020Antegrade and Retrograde Endoscopic Approaches for Managing Obstructing Ureteral Calculi in Renal Transplant Patients: An Illustrative Case Series.O'Kelly, John; Quinlan, Mark R; Jack, Gregory S ; O'Neill, Damien C; McGrath, Andrew; Davis, Niall F
49-Dec-2020Are we failing to consent to an increasingly common complication? Incisional hernias at robotic prostatectomy.Timm, Brennan ; O'Connor, Ellen ; Bolton, Damien M ; Liodakis, Peter 
5Dec-2020In Reply: An example of the evolution of evidence in a new disease.Condon, Benjamin; Whish-Wilson, Thomas; Davis, Niall F; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
6Dec-2020Doctor in training delivered telehealth consultations, a safe and supported environment for clinical education.Timm, Brennan ; Jayarajan, Jyotsna ; Liodakis, Peter ; O'Connor, Ellen ; Bolton, Damien M 
724-Nov-2020Social Determinants Predict Outcomes in Data From a Multi-Ethnic Cohort of 20,899 Patients Investigated for COVID-19.Lundon, Dara J; Mohamed, Nihal; Lantz, Anna; Goltz, Heather H; Kelly, Brian D ; Tewari, Ashutosh K
8Nov-2020Cross-continental comparison of safety and protection measures amongst urologists during la Rosette, Jean; Laguna, Pilar; Álvarez-Maestro, Mario; Eto, Masatoshi; Mochtar, Chaidir Arif; Albayrak, Selami; Mendoza-Valdes, Arturo; Ong, Teng Aik; Khadgi, Sanjay; Al-Terki, Abdullatif; Bolton, Damien M ; Gomez, Reynaldo; Klotz, Laurence; Kulkarni, Sanjay; Tanguay, Simon; Gravas, Stavros
915-Sep-2020Prioritising Urological Surgery in the COVID-19 Era: A Global Reflection on Guidelines.Gravas, Stavros; Fournier, Georges; Oya, Mototsugu; Summerton, Duncan; Scarpa, Roberto Mario; Chlosta, Piotr; Gkialas, Ioannis; Xie, Li-Ping; Rasyid, Nur; Bolton, Damien M ; Gomez, Reynaldo; Klotz, Laurence; Kulkarni, Sanjay; Tanguay, Simon; de la Rosette, Jean
109-Sep-2020Scoping review: hotspots for COVID-19 urological research: what is being published and from where?Qu, Liang G ; Perera, Marlon ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Umbas, Rainy; Klotz, Laurence
11Sep-2020Detection of Clinically Significant Cancer in the Anterior Prostate by Transperineal Biopsy.Cowan, Tim; Baker, Emily; McCray, Gabriella; Reeves, Fairleigh; Houlihan, Kimberley; Johns-Putra, Lydia
12Sep-2020Not all prostate cancer is the same - patient perceptions: an Asia-Pacific region study.Akakura, Koichiro; Bolton, Damien M ; Grillo, Vince; Mermod, Naomi
13Sep-2020Overactive bladder syndrome: Management and treatment options.Hutchinson, Alexander; Nesbitt, Alexander; Joshi, Andre; Clubb, Adrian; Perera, Marlon 
1430-Aug-2020A Decision Aide for the Risk Stratification of GU Cancer Patients at Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection, COVID-19 Related Hospitalization, Intubation, and Mortality.Lundon, Dara J; Kelly, Brian D ; Shukla, Devki; Bolton, Damien M ; Wiklund, Peter; Tewari, Ash
1529-Aug-2020Impact of COVID-19 on medical education: introducing homo digitalis.Gravas, Stavros; Ahmad, Mumtaz; Hernández-Porras, Andrés; Furriel, Frederico; Alvarez-Maestro, Mario; Kumar, Anant; Lee, Kyu-Sung; Azodoh, Evaristus; Mburugu, Patrick; Sanchez-Salas, Rafael; Bolton, Damien M ; Gomez, Reynaldo; Klotz, Laurence; Kulkarni, Sanjay; Tanguay, Simon; Elliott, Sean; de la Rosette, Jean
16Aug-2020Is Movember synonymous with moustaches or men's health? An examination of internet search activity for prostate and testicular cancer during the campaign.Khan, Jody Sa; Papa, Nathan P; Davis, Niall F; Wrafter, Paula F; Kelly, John C; Dowling, Catherine M; D'Arcy, Frank T
1728-Jul-2020Evaluation of pre-operative bladder contractility as a predictor of improved response rate to a staged trial of sacral neuromodulation in patients with detrusor underactivity.Chan, Garson ; Qu, Liang G ; Gani, Johan 
1817-Jul-2020A systematic review and meta-analysis of the long-term outcomes of ileal conduit and orthotopic neobladder urinary diversion.Browne, Eva; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Davis, Niall F
1917-Jul-2020Stone clearance times with mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Comparison of a 1.5 mm ballistic/ultrasonic mini-probe vs. laser.Timm, Brennan ; Farag, Matthew ; Davis, Niall F; Webb, David ; Angus, David ; Troy, Andrew J ; Bolton, Damien M ; Jack, Gregory S 
204-Jul-2020Early mortality risk stratification after SARS-CoV-2 infection.Lundon, D J; Kelly, Brian D ; Nair, S; Bolton, Damien M ; Kyprianou, N; Wiklund, P; Tewari, A