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16-Sep-2022Prediction of mortality and morbidity following paraquat poisoning based on trend of liver and kidney injury.Gheshlaghi, Farzad; Haghirzavareh, Jamileh; Wong, Anselm Y ; Golshiri, Parastoo; Gheshlaghi, Shayan; Eizadi-Mood, Nastaran
22022Paracetamol toxicity in mild overdose in combination with opioids: a retrospective observational study.Amer, Halima; Archer, John R H; Layne, Kerry; Dines, Alison M; Wood, David M; Greene, Shaun L ; Dargan, Paul I
32022Comparing development of liver injury using the two versus three bag acetylcysteine regimen despite early treatment in paracetamol overdose.Syafira, Naura; Graudins, Andis ; Yarema, Mark; Wong, Anselm Y 
42022A two-bag acetylcysteine regimen is associated with shorter delays and interruptions in the treatment of paracetamol overdose.O'Callaghan, Charlotte; Graudins, Andis ; Wong, Anselm Y 
51-Dec-2021A comparison of Australian and New Zealand versus UK hospital referral criteria for the management of supratherapeutic paracetamol ingestion.Gheshlaghi, Farzad; Yarmohammadi, Hossein; Gheshlaghi, Shayan; Wong, Anselm Y 
6Dec-2021Severe hand sanitiser (isopropanol) toxicity managed with continuous venovenous haemodiafiltration and angiotensin II.Chieng, Sam; Malouf, Saada; Costa-Pinto, Rahul; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Wong, Anselm Y 
7Nov-2021Comment on Poor relationship between N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) and level of consciousness following intentional ingestion of eucalyptus oil.Lai, Benny; Graudins, Andis ; Wong, Anselm Y 
8Sep-2021Intravenous rifampicin use in the management of amanita phalloides toxicity.Zuker-Herman, Rona; Tong, Roger; Wong, Anselm Y 
9May-2021Extracorporeal treatment for calcium channel blocker poisoning: systematic review and recommendations from the EXTRIP workgroup.Wong, Anselm ; Hoffman, Robert S; Walsh, Steven J; Roberts, Darren M; Gosselin, Sophie; Bunchman, Timothy E; Kebede, Sofia; Lavergne, Valery; Ghannoum, Marc
10Feb-2021Efficacy of sustained low-efficiency dialysis in the management of sodium valproate overdose.Wong, Anselm Y ; Graudins, Andis 
118-Oct-2020Massive Citalopram Overdose Associated with Recurrent Seizures and Bilateral Shoulder Dislocations.Zoofaghari, Shafeajafar; Wong, Anselm Y ; Kiarasi, Pegah; Gheshlaghi, Farzad
12Oct-2020Massive gamma hydroxybutyrate overdose resulting in severe metabolic acidosis requiring continuous venovenous haemofiltration.Umar, Mohamed; Morey, Sarah; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Wong, Anselm Y 
1330-Sep-2020Estimating the proportion of patients who transition to long-term opioid use following oxycodone initiation in the emergency department.Nguyen, Jennie P; Harding, Andrew M ; Greene, Shaun L 
141-Sep-2020Comment on "Truncated IV acetylcysteine treatment duration has potential to safely preserve resources during the COVID-19 pandemic."Wong, Anselm Y 
15Sep-2020Efficacy of fresh frozen plasma transfusion in comparison with conventional regimen in organophosphate poisoning treatment: a meta-analysis study.Gheshlaghi, Farzad; Akafzadeh Savari, Mahsa; Nasiri, Rozita; Wong, Anselm Y ; Feizi, Awat; Reza Maracy, Mohammad; Dorooshi, Gholamali; Meamar, Rokhsareh; Eizadi-Mood, Nastaran
16Sep-2020In vitro study of pharmacobezoar formation in simulated acetaminophen overdose.Li, Yu Kwan; Lam, Ka Fung; Wong, Cheung Lun William; Wong, Anselm Y 
17Jul-2020The Global Educational Toxicology Toolkit (GETKIT): A 1-Day Course for Teaching Poisoning Essentials in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC): Course Development and Pilot Data Analysis.Kopec, Kathryn T; Vohra, Rais; Santos, Cynthia; Kazzi, Ziad; Wong, Anselm Y 
18Jul-2020The Importance of Continuing Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: the Global Educational Toxicology Uniting Project (GETUP).Wong, Anselm Y ; Vohra, Rais; Kopec, Kathy; Brooke, Nicholas; Stolbach, Andrew
197-May-2020COVID-19 and toxicity from potential treatments: panacea or poison.Wong, Anselm Y 
20Apr-2020Adducts Post Acetaminophen Overdose Treated with a 12-Hour vs 20-Hour Acetylcysteine Infusion.Wong, Anselm Y ; Heard, Kennon; Graudins, Andis ; Dart, Richard; Sivilotti, Marco L A