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Thoracic Surgery
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Apr-2021Pulmonary carcinoid tumours: A multi-centre analysis of survival and predictors of outcome following sublobar, lobar, and extended pulmonary resections.Thakur, Sameer; Florisson, Daniel; Telianidis, Stacy; Yaftian, Nima; Lee, Jean; Knight, Simon R ; Barnett, Stephen A ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Antippa, Phillip; Alam, Naveed; Wright, Gavin
227-Jul-2019Enlarging left atrial haemangioma in a patient with Cowden syndrome.Lamanna, Anthony ; Lim, Ruth P ; Yap, Lee Pheng ; Maingard, Julian; Seevenayagam, Siven
3Apr-2019Mesenchyme to epithelial transition protein expression, gene copy number and clinical outcome in a large non-small cell lung cancer surgical cohort.Rivalland, Gareth; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Murone, Carmel ; Asadi, Khashayer; Morey, Adrienne L; Starmans, Maud; Boutros, Paul C; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Solomon, Benjamin; Wright, Gavin; Knight, Simon; John, Thomas 
4Oct-2018Surgery for parasitic lung infestations: roles in diagnosis and treatment.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Sapkota, Ranjan; Kim, Michelle; Barnett, Stephen A ; Sayami, Prakash
52018Outcomes following resection of non-small cell lung cancer in octogenarians.Vazirani, Jaideep; Moraes, Johanna; Barnett, Stephen A ; Johnson, Douglas F; Knight, Simon; Miller, Alistair; Wright, Gavin; Alam, Naveed Z; Conron, Matthew; Irving, Louis B; Antippa, Phillip; Steinfort, Daniel P
626-Sep-2017Promoter hypomethylation of NY-ESO-1, association with clinicopathological features and PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer.Ch├╝eh, Anderly C; Liew, Mun-Sem; Russell, Prudence A; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Jayachandran, Aparna; Starmans, Maud H W; Boutros, Paul C; Wright, Gavin; Barnett, Stephen A ; Mariadason, John M; John, Thomas 
72017The Immune Microenvironment, Genome-wide Copy Number Aberrations, and Survival in Mesothelioma.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Salcedo, Adriana; Lin, Xihui; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Ameratunga, Malaka; Asadi, Khashayar ; Deb, Siddhartha; Barnett, Stephen A ; Knight, Simon; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Watkins, D Neil; Boutros, Paul C; John, Thomas 
8Dec-2016Calretinin but not caveolin-1 correlates with tumour histology and survival in malignant mesothelioma.Thapa, Bibhusal ; Walkiewicz, Marzena; Murone, Carmel ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Deb, Siddhartha; Barnett, Stephen A ; Knight, Simon R ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; Liew, Danny; Watkins, D Neil; John, Thomas 
91-Jul-2010Long-term survival of 42 patients with resected N2 non-small-cell lung cancer: the impact of 2-(18)F-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomogram mediastinal staging.Barnett, Stephen A ; Baste, Jean-Marc; Murugappan, Kowsi; Tog, Check; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Scott, Andrew M ; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Knight, Simon R