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113-Apr-2021Variation in Human Research Ethics Committee and governance processes throughout Australia: a need for a uniform approach.Dudi-Venkata, Nagendra N; Cox, Daniel R A ; Marson, Nicholas; Tan, Lorwai; Pockney, Peter; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Watson, David I; Richards, Toby
26-Apr-2021Utility of 3D printed abdominal aortic aneurysm phantoms: a systematic review.Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Bolton, Damien M ; Robinson, Domenic; Chuen, Jason 
324-Mar-2021Comment on: "Hypoxia differently modulates the release of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA".Wong, Boris K L; Zhang, Fan; Do, Hongdo; Testro, Adam G ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Cox, Daniel R A 
424-Mar-2021Rare Germline Pathogenic Variants Identified by Multigene Panel Testing and the Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer.Nguyen-Dumont, Tú; Dowty, James G; MacInnis, Robert J; Steen, Jason A; Riaz, Moeen; Dugué, Pierre-Antoine; Renault, Anne-Laure; Hammet, Fleur; Mahmoodi, Maryam; Theys, Derrick; Tsimiklis, Helen; Severi, Gianluca; Bolton, Damien M ; Lacaze, Paul; Sebra, Robert; Schadt, Eric; McNeil, John; Giles, Graham G; Milne, Roger L; Southey, Melissa C
523-Mar-2021Detection and Quantification of Myocardial Fibrosis Using Stain-Free Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging.Zimmermann, Eric; Mukherjee, Sudipta S; Falahkheirkhah, Kianoush; Gryka, Mark C; Kajdacsy-Balla, Andre; Hasan, Wohaib; Giraud, George; Tibayan, Fred; Raman, Jai S ; Bhargava, Rohit
619-Mar-2021Zinc supplementation as an adjunct therapy for COVID-19: challenges and opportunities.Chinni, Vidyasagar ; El-Khoury, Hanna; Perera, Marlon ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bolton, Damien M ; Patel, Oneel
718-Mar-2021Oxytocin receptor antagonists as a novel pharmacological agent for reducing smooth muscle tone in the human prostate.Lee, Sophie N; Kraska, Jenna; Papargiris, Melissa; Teng, Linda; Niranjan, Birunthi; Hammar, Johanna; Ryan, Andrew; Frydenberg, Mark; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Middendorff, Ralf; Ellem, Stuart J; Whittaker, Michael; Risbridger, Gail P; Exintaris, Betty
817-Mar-2021Evaluation of 18F-FMISO PET and 18F-FDG PET Scans in Assessing the Therapeutic Response of Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treated With Anti-Angiogenic Therapy.Lee, Sze Ting ; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Gan, Hui K ; Liu, Zhanqi; Sachinidis, John; Pathmaraj, Kunthi ; Scott, Andrew M 
916-Mar-2021The role of PSMA PET/CT imaging in the diagnosis, staging and restaging of prostate cancer.Bagguley, Dominic; Ong, Sean; Buteau, James P; Koschel, Sam; Dhiantravan, Nattakorn; Hofman, Michael S; Emmett, Louise; Murphy, Declan G; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
109-Mar-2021COVID-19 impact on junior doctor education and training: a scoping review.Seifman, Marc Adam; Fuzzard, Sibon K; To, Henry; Nestel, Debra 
115-Mar-2021Patterns of primary staging for newly diagnosed prostate cancer in the era of prostate specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography: A population-based analysis.Papa, Nathan; Perera, Marlon ; Murphy, Declan G; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Evans, Melanie; Millar, Jeremy L; Bolton, Damien M 
125-Mar-2021Associations between preoperative anaemia and hospital costs following major abdominal surgery: cohort study.Meyerov, J; Louis, Maleck ; Lee, D K; Fletcher, L; Banyasz, D; Miles, Lachlan F ; Ma, Ronald ; Tosif, Shervin ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Story, David A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Weinberg, Laurence 
1325-Feb-2021A pilot double-blind safety and feasibility randomised controlled trial of high-dose intravenous zinc in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.Patel, Oneel; Chinni, Vidyasagar ; El Khoury, John ; Perera, Marlon ; Neto, Ary Serpa; McDonald, Christine F ; See, Emily J ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bolton, Damien M ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Trubiano, Jason A ; Ischia, Joseph J 
1423-Feb-2021Does active surveillance avoid overtreatment in prostate cancer? Lessons learned from salvage radical prostatectomies.Polo Alonso, E; Ramírez-Backhaus, M; Wei, Gavin ; Mascarós, J M; Aragón Rodríguez, F; Gómez-Ferrer, A; Collado, A; Calatrava Fons, A; Rubio-Briones, J
153-Feb-2021Remediation for surgical trainees: recommendations from a narrative review.To, Henry; Cargill, Ashleigh; Tobin, Stephen; Nestel, Debra 
16Feb-2021Cancer in Lockdown: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patients with Cancer.Moraliyage, Harsha; De Silva, Daswin; Ranasinghe, Weranja; Adikari, Achini; Alahakoon, Damminda; Prasad, Raj; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Bolton, Damien M 
1727-Jan-2021Accessing 3D Printed Vascular Phantoms for Procedural Simulation.Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Bolton, Damien M ; Chuen, Jason 
187-Jan-2021The association of acute hypercarbia and plasma potassium concentration during laparoscopic surgery: a retrospective observational study.Weinberg, Laurence ; Lee, Dong-Kyu; Gan, Chrisdan; Ianno, Damian J ; Ho, Alexander; Fletcher, Luke R ; Banyasz, Daniel; Tosif, Shervin ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Karalapillai, Dharshi 
196-Jan-2021A Flexible 3D Printed Template to Assist with Physician Modified Endografts for FEVAR.Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Barber, Tracie; Chuen, Jason 
206-Jan-2021Effects of a short message service (SMS) by cellular phone to improve compliance with fasting guidelines in patients undergoing elective surgery: a retrospective observational study.Zia, Faizan; Cosic, Luka ; Wong, Angela; Levin, Adam; Lu, Patrick; Mitchell, Craig; Shaw, Michael; Rosewarne, Fred; Weinberg, Laurence