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13-Jan-2024Challenges in evaluating pelvic floor physiotherapy based strategies in low anterior resection syndrome: a systematic review and qualitative analysis.Lambrineas, Lauren J; Brock, Henry G; Ong, Hwa Ian; Tisseverasinghe, Santha; Carrington, Emma; Heriot, Alexander; Burgess, Adele N ; Proud, David ; Mohan, Helen
227-Dec-2023Complete mesocolic excision and central vascular ligation for transverse colon cancer: intraoperative quality landmarks following resection.Alvarado, Juan; Besser, Nicolás; Mohan, Helen; Heriot, Alexander; Warrier, Satish; Larach, José Tomás
326-Dec-2023Evaluating the Educational Value of Cancer Registries - a Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis.Lin, James; Temperley, Hugo C; Larkins, Kirsten; Waters, Caitlin; Chong, Kit Loong; Maida, Jack; Proud, David ; Burgess, Adele N ; Heriot, Alexander; Smart, Philip J ; Mohan, Helen
419-Dec-2023Impact of COVID-19 on surgical exposure and training for general surgery trainees in Australia: a national audit.Tang, Patrick; Newton, Peter; Mori, Krinal 
513-Dec-2023Preventative strategies for low anterior resection syndrome.Brock, H; Lambrineas, L; Ong, H I; Chen, W Y; Das, A; Edsell, A; Proud, D; Carrington, E; Smart, P; Mohan, H; Burgess, A
66-Nov-2023The impact of intraoperative and postoperative fluid balance on complications for transthoracic esophagectomy: a retrospective analysis.Buchholz, Vered; Hazard, Riley; Yin, Zoe; Tran, Nghiep; Yip, Sui Wah Sean; Le, Peter; Kioussis, Benjamin; Hinton, Jake; Liu, David Shi Hao ; Lee, Dong-Kyu; Weinberg, Laurence 
723-Oct-2023How to watch: a guide to structured operative observation and cognitive simulation for trainees.Larkins, Kirsten; Downie, Emma; Mohan, Helen; Warrier, Satish; Heriot, Alexander
811-Oct-2023Size-Dependent Penetration of Nanoparticles in Tumor Spheroids: A Multidimensional and Quantitative Study of Transcellular and Paracellular Pathways.Chen, Wenjing; Wang, Wenqian; Xie, Zhouzun; Centurion, Franco; Sun, Bin; Paterson, David J; Tsao, Simon Chang-Hao; Chu, Dewei; Shen, Yansong; Mao, Guangzhao; Gu, Zi
94-Oct-2023Immune checkpoint therapy in colorectal cancer: is first better than last?Kaneko, Yui; Naseem, Zainab; Strugnell, Neil; Barnett, Frances; D'Souza, Basil; Sidhu, Ankur; Bui, Andrew ; Pham, Toan
10Oct-2023Use of ureteric catheters and indocyanine green in complex pelvic surgery: a must or a luxury in 2023?Othman, Bushra; Pham, Toan; Mohan, Helen; Rajkomar, Amrish; Heriot, Alexander G; Smart, Philip J ; Warrier, Satish
11Oct-2023Cancer incidence and outcomes registries in an Australian context: a systematic review.Chong, Kit; Maida, Jack; Ong, Hwa Ian; Proud, David ; Lin, James; Burgess, Adele N ; Heriot, Alexander; Smart, Philip J ; Mohan, Helen
12Oct-2023Is RAPIDO too rapid for rectal cancer?Warrier, Satish K; Mohan, Helen; Pham, Toan D; McCormick, Jacob; Heriot, Alexander G
13Oct-2023Migrated Laparoscopic Surgical Clips Causing Acute Cholangitis 32 Years After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.Yin, Yijie; Goh, Su Kah ; Mohd Rosli, Reizal; Thomson, John-Edwin; Tan, Chuan Ping
1415-Sep-2023Incisional hernias post renal transplant: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Mac Curtain, B M; Qian, W; Temperley, H C; O'Mahony, A; Ng, Z Q; He, B
15Sep-2023Suspension-associated dislocation of the jaw in hanging.Glengarry, Joanna; Beaugeois, Megane; Bugeja, Lyndal; Huggins, Richard; O'Donnell, Chris
1618-Aug-2023Accuracy of deep neural learning models in the imaging prediction of pathological complete response after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer: a systematic review.Prabhakaran, Sowmya; Choong, Keith Wai Keong; Prabhakaran, Swetha; Choy, Kay T ; Kong, Joseph Ch
17Aug-2023Role of Artificial Intelligence in Global Surgery: A Review of Opportunities and Challenges.Malhotra, Kashish; Wong, Benjamin Ngie Xiong; Lee, Susie; Franco, Helena; Singh, Carol; Cabrera Silva, Laura A; Iraqi, Habab; Sinha, Akatya; Burger, Sule; Breedt, Danyca Shadé; Goyal, Kashish; Dagli, Mert Marcel; Bawa, Ashvind
18Aug-2023A systematic review of video-based educational interventions in robotic surgical training.Larkins, Kirsten; Khan, Maryam; Mohan, Helen; Warrier, Satish; Heriot, Alexander
19Aug-2023Major hepatectomy in elderly patients: possible benefit from robotic platform utilization.Yoshino, Osamu ; Wang, Yifan; McCarron, Frances; Motz, Benjamin; Wang, Huaping; Baker, Erin; Iannitti, David; Martinie, John B; Vrochides, Dionisios
2031-Jul-2023Quantification of level I neck lymph nodes for lymph node transfer in lymphedema treatment: an anatomical study and review of literature.Rozen, Warren M; Niumsawatt, Vachara; Gibson, Luke D; Seth, Ishith; Hunter-Smith, David J; Ek, Edmund W