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129-Apr-2021Nocturnal hypoxaemia in interstitial lung disease: a systematic review.Khor, Yet Hong; Ng, Yvonne; Sweeney, Duncan J ; Ryerson, Christopher J
222-Apr-2021Preoperative pirfenidone in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: A wound and injury enigma.Khor, Yet H 
319-Apr-2021Prescription medication use and crash risk: taking responsibility for a new global challenge.Downey, Luke A; Hayley, Amie C 
415-Apr-2021Summary for Clinicians: Clinical Practice Guideline on Home Oxygen Therapy for Adults with Chronic Lung Disease.Khor, Yet H ; Dudley, Katherine A; Herman, Derrick; Jacobs, Susan S; Lederer, David J; Krishnan, Jerry A; Holland, Anne E ; Ruminjo, Joseph K; Thomson, Carey C
52-Apr-2021After-Discharge in the Upper Airway Muscle Genioglossus Following Brief Hypoxia.Avraam, Joanne ; Dawson, Andrew; Feast, Nicole; Fan, Feiven Lee; D Frigant, Monika; Kay, Amanda; Koay, Zi Yi; Jia, Pingdong; Greig, Rachel; Thornton, Therese; Nicholas, Christian L; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Trinder, John; Jordan, Amy S 
625-Mar-2021A mixed-methods pilot study of handheld fan for breathlessness in interstitial lung disease.Khor, Yet H ; Saravanan, Kirushallini; Holland, Anne E ; Lee, Joanna Y T; Ryerson, Christopher J; McDonald, Christine F ; Goh, Nicole S L 
718-Mar-2021Referral criteria to palliative care for patients with respiratory disease: a systematic review.Philip, Jennifer; Collins, Anna; Smallwood, Natasha; Chang, Yuchieh Kathryn; Mo, Li; Yang, Ian A; Corte, Tamera; McDonald, Christine F ; Hui, David
83-Mar-2021Outcomes Of Non-Cystic Fibrosis Related Bronchiectasis Post Lung Transplantation.Kennedy, Jessica; Walker, Anne; Ellender, Claire M; Steinfort, Kate; Martin, Catherine; Smith, Catherine; Snell, Gregory; Whitford, Helen
9Mar-2021Not Only about the Drugs: Improved Survival with Noninvasive Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.Berlowitz, David J ; Sheers, Nicole 
10Mar-2021Lung cancer screening in Australia and New Zealand: the evidence and the challenge.Manners, David; Dawkins, Paul; Pascoe, Diane; Crengle, Sue; Bartholomew, Karen; Leong, Tracy L 
11Mar-2021Typical within and between person variability in non-invasive ventilator derived variables among clinically stable, long-term users.Jeganathan, Vishnu ; Rautela, Linda ; Conti, Simon; Saravanan, Krisha; Rigoni, Alyssa; Graco, Marnie ; Hannan, Liam M ; Howard, Mark E ; Berlowitz, David J 
1225-Feb-2021Greenness may improve lung health in low-moderate but not high air pollution areas: Seven Northeastern Cities' study.Zhou, Yang; Bui, Dinh S; Perret, Jennifer L ; Lowe, Adrian J; Lodge, Caroline J; Markevych, Iana; Heinrich, Joachim; Bloom, Michael S; Knibbs, Luke D; Jalaludin, Bin; Yang, Bo-Yi; Yu, Hong-Yao; Zeng, Xiao-Wen; Yu, Yunjiang; Dharmage, Shyamali C; Dong, Guang-Hui
1325-Feb-2021A pilot double-blind safety and feasibility randomised controlled trial of high-dose intravenous zinc in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.Patel, Oneel; Chinni, Vidyasagar ; El Khoury, John ; Perera, Marlon ; Neto, Ary Serpa; McDonald, Christine F ; See, Emily J ; Jones, Daryl A ; Bolton, Damien M ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Trubiano, Jason A ; Ischia, Joseph J 
1418-Feb-2021Effect of corrected GLI reference equations on carbon monoxide transfer factor interpretation.Ruehland, Warren R ; Lanteri, Celia J; Matsas, Pam; Brazzale, Danny J 
156-Feb-2021Challenges of evaluating the effect of exercise training on salivary IgA in people with COPD.Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Gleeson, Maree; Wood, Lisa; Hall, Sharron; Hill, Catherine J ; Bondarenko, Janet; Holland, Anne E 
1629-Jan-2021Telerehabilitation for chronic respiratory disease.Cox, Narelle S ; Dal Corso, Simone; Hansen, Henrik; McDonald, Christine F ; Hill, Catherine J ; Zanaboni, Paolo; Alison, Jennifer A; O'Halloran, Paul; Macdonald, Heather; Holland, Anne E 
1722-Jan-2021Interstitial lung disease and obstructive sleep apnea.Khor, Yet H ; Ryerson, Christopher J; Landry, Shane A; Howard, Mark E ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Edwards, Bradley A; Hamilton, Garun S; Joosten, Simon A
18Jan-2021Use of supplemental oxygen during exercise testing and training for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a survey of Australian pulmonary rehabilitation programs.Leung, Regina W M; Alison, Jennifer A; Jenkins, Sue C; Holland, Anne E ; Hill, Kylie; Morris, Norman R; Spencer, Lissa M; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Seale, Helen E; Cecins, Nola M; McDonald, Christine F ; McKeough, Zoe J
1931-Dec-2020The Impact of COPD Exacerbations in the Year Following Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Secondary Analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial.Wageck, Bruna; Cox, Narelle S ; McDonald, Christine F ; Burge, Angela T ; Mahal, Ajay; Hill, Catherine J ; Lee, Annemarie L; Moore, Rosemary P ; Nicolson, Caroline; O'Halloran, Paul; Lahham, Aroub; Gillies, Rebecca; Holland, Anne E 
2013-Dec-2020Ambulatory oxygen for treatment of exertional hypoxaemia in pulmonary fibrosis (PFOX trial): a randomised controlled trial.Holland, Anne E ; Corte, Tamera; Chambers, Daniel C; Palmer, Andrew J; Ekström, Magnus Per; Glaspole, Ian; Goh, Nicole S L ; Hepworth, Graham; Khor, Yet H ; Hoffman, Mariana; Vlahos, Ross; Sköld, Magnus; Dowman, Leona M ; Troy, Lauren K; Prasad, Jyotika D; Walsh, James; McDonald, Christine F