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11-Oct-2023Are surgical drains needed in DIEP surgery? The drain-free DIEP concept.Evgeniou, Evgenios; Liew, Julian; Lee, Geoffrey; Power, Kieran; Khan, Aadil; Cole, D J; Tasoulis, Marios; Nanidis, Theodore
210-Jun-2023Diversity of the free helical rim flap: A case series tailoring the microsurgical technique to esthetically optimize full-thickness nasal defect reconstructions.Hsieh, Y H; Medland, J; Lin, F; Dhillon, R; Min, P; Zhang, Y; Ng, S 
3May-2023Surgical management of pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury patients.Adamson, Sarah Rose; Whitty, Sarah; Flood, Stephen; Neoh, Derek E ; Nunn, Andrew ; Clegg, Ben; Ng, Sally Kiu-Huen 
413-Apr-2023Novosorb® Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) and its Applications.Lim, Pelicia; Li, Henry; Ng, Sally 
5Dec-2022Reproducibility, Construct Validity, and Responsiveness of the Tetraplegia Upper Limb Activities Questionnaire, TUAQ. Part 2.Wangdell, Johanna; Hill, Bridget ; Dunn, Jennifer A
6Nov-2022Development, Internal Construct, and Unidimensionality of the Tetraplegia Upper Limb Activities Questionnaire, TUAQ. Part 1.Wangdell, Johanna; Hill, Bridget ; Dunn, Jennifer A
71-Oct-2022Identification of Unequal Flow-Carrying Capabilities of Choke Vessels in Rat Abdominal Flaps.Xu, Heng; Zhu, Zhu; Chen, Jun; Xiao, Dongchao; Pan, Jiadong; Wang, Xin; Li, Hua; Ng, Sally ; Zhang, Yixin
83-Aug-2022Predicting strength outcomes for upper limb nerve transfer surgery in tetraplegia.Stanley, Edward A; Hill, Bridget ; McKenzie, Dean P; Chapuis, Pierre; Galea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha 
918-May-2022The development, internal construct and uni-dimensionality of the Tetraplegia Upper Limb Activities Questionnaire, TUAQ. Part 1.Wangdell, Johanna; Hill, Bridget; A Dunn, Jennifer
1017-May-2022Reproducibility, construct validity and responsiveness of the Tetraplegia Upper Limb Activities Questionnaire, TUAQ. Part 2.: Psychometric testing of TUAQ.Wangdell, Johanna; Hill, Bridget ; Dunn, Jennifer A
1115-Mar-2022An Innovative and Economical Device for Ischemic Preconditioning of the Forehead Flap Prior to Pedicle Division: A Comparative Study.Xiao, Wentian; Ng, Sally ; Li, Hua; Min, Peiru; Feng, Shaoqing; Su, Weijie; Zhang, Yixin
122022Improving hand function after spinal cord injury.Fridén, Jan; House, James; Keith, Michael; Schibli, Silvia; van Zyl, Natasha 
131-Oct-2021Medical Leadership: Experiences in the Use of Shared and Parental Leadership to Improve Academic Performance in the Management of a National Plastic Surgery Unit in China.Li, Jie; Ng, Sally ; Xu, Yuanjin; Li, Qingfeng; Wang, Li; Zhang, Yixin
14Sep-2021Transfer of the supinator nerve to the posterior interosseous nerve for hand opening in tetraplegia through an anterior approach.van Zyl, Natasha ; Galea, Mary P ; Cooper, Catherine ; Hahn, Jodie ; Hill, Bridget 
15Sep-2021Experience with NovoSorb® Biodegradable Temporising Matrix in reconstruction of complex wounds.Li, Henry; Lim, Pelicia; Stanley, Edward; Lee, Geoffrey; Lin, Sandra; Neoh, Derek E ; Liew, Julian; Ng, Sally 
16Sep-2021Infrared thermography-guided designing and harvesting of pre-expanded pedicled flap for head and neck reconstruction.Zhang, Yixin; Xiao, Wentian; Ng, Sally ; Zhou, Huihong; Min, Peiru; Xi, Wenjing; Masia, Jaume; Blondeel, Phillip; Feng, Shaoqing
17Mar-2021A Retrospective Study of an Updated and Traditional Surgical Approach of the Distally Based Sural Flap.Xu, Heng; Cao, Xuexin; Kiu-Huen, Sally; Zhu, Zhu; Chen, Jun; Chi, Zhenglin; Zhang, Yixin
1822-Dec-2020Peripheral Nerve Dysfunction after Spinal Cord InjuryGalea, Mary P ; van Zyl, Natasha ; Messina, Aurora
1912-Dec-2020The modified bilobed flap for reconstructing sacral decubitus ulcers.Jiao, Xiangong; Cui, Chunxiao; Ng, Sally Kiu-Huen ; Jiang, Zhangjia; Tu, Chihui; Zhou, Jiemin; Lu, Xiandong; Ouyang, Xianwen; Luo, Tong; Li, Ke; Zhang, Yixin
20Apr-2020Dupuytren's contracture: involvement of the distal interphalangeal joint - a case series and anatomical dissection.Stanley, Edward A; Cavallo, Andrew