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110-Jan-2024Trajectories of oral bisphosphonate use after hip fractures: a population-based cohort study.Leung, Miriam T Y; Turner, Justin P; Marquina, Clara; Ilomaki, Jenni; Tran, Tim ; Simon Bell, J
219-Dec-2023A novel, multidomain, primary care nurse-led and mHealth-assisted intervention for dementia risk reduction in middle-aged adults (HAPPI MIND): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial.Cross, Amanda J; Geethadevi, Gopisankar Mohanannair; Magin, Parker; Baker, Amanda L; Bonevski, Billie; Godbee, Kali; Ward, Stephanie A; Mahal, Ajay; Versace, Vincent; Bell, J Simon; Mc Namara, Kevin; O'Reilly, Sharleen L; Thomas, Dennis; Manias, Elizabeth; Anstey, Kaarin J; Varnfield, Marlien; Jayasena, Rajiv; Elliott, Rohan A ; Lee, Cik Y; Walker, Christine; van den Bosch, Denise; Tullipan, Mary; Ferreira, Catherine; George, Johnson
3Dec-2023Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Position Statement: 2022 update to the safe handling of monoclonal antibodies in healthcare settings.Ryan, Marissa; Lam, Neil; Wright, Kate; Siderov, Jim 
4Dec-2023Impact of a sustained, collaborative antimicrobial stewardship programme in spinal cord injury patients.Perera, D; Vogrin, S; Khumra, Sharmila ; Motaganahalli, S; Batrouney, A; Urbancic, K; Devchand, M; Mitri, E; Clements, R; Nunn, A; Reynolds, G; Trubiano, Jason 
514-Nov-2023Assessment of inter-rater reliability of screening tools to identify patients at risk of medication-related problems across the emergency department continuum of care.D'lima, Jessica; Taylor, Simone E ; Mitri, Elise A ; Harding, Andrew M ; Lai, Jerry; Manias, Elizabeth
6Nov-2023Implications of differences between point-of-care blood gas analyser and laboratory analyser potassium results on hyperkalaemia diagnosis & treatment.Pradhan, Jasmin; Harding, Andrew M ; Taylor, Simone E ; Lam, Que T 
7Nov-2023Invasive fungal infection following venetoclax and posaconazole co-administration.Reynolds, Gemma; Urbancic, Karen F ; Fong, Chun Y; Trubiano, Jason 
8Sep-2023Improving the management of medical emergency team calls due to suspected infections: A before-after study.Ludikhuize, Jeroen; Marshall, David; Devchand, Misha ; Walker, Steven T ; Talman, Andrew; Taylor, Carmel ; McIntyre, Tammie ; Trubiano, Jason ; Jones, Daryl A 
9Sep-2023Duplication errors due to brand name confusion; It is not always the name-Short case series.Mamunuwa, N; Jayamanne, S; Wijekoon, N; Coombes, J; Perera, D; Shanika, T; Mohamed, F; Lynch, C; De Silva, A; Dawson, A
10Sep-2023Accuracy of medication labels on community pharmacy-prepared dose administration aids: An observational study.Uzunbay, Zulal; Elliott, Rohan A ; Taylor, Simone E ; Sepe, Daniela; Ferraro, Emily J
11Sep-2023Implementation of a pragmatic emergency department patients' own medications (POM) procedure to improve medication safety: An interrupted time series.Taylor, Simone E ; Joules, Emily; Harding, Andrew M 
125-Jul-2023The Who, What, When and Where of Inpatient Direct Oral Penicillin Challenge - Implications for health services implementation.Trubiano, Jason ; Vogrin, S; Mitri, Elise A ; Hall, R; Copaescu, Ana ; Waldron, J; De Luca, J; Rose, Morgan T ; Mackay, G; Lambros, B; Douglas, A P; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chua, Kyra Y L 
1323-Jun-2023Implementation of Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting in haematology and oncology inpatients.Tong, Erica Y; Edwards, Gail E; Hua, Phuong Uyen; Mitra, Biswadev; Dyk, Eleanor Van; Yip, Gary; Coutsouvelis, John; Siderov, Jim ; Tran, Yen; Dooley, Michael J
14Jun-2023Accuracy of medication histories derived from an Australian cloud-based repository of prescribed and dispensed medication records.Elliott, Rohan A ; Taylor, Simone E ; Koo, Stella M K; Nguyen, Anny D; Liu, Esther; Loh, Grace
1522-May-2023Correction to: Hip fracture incidence and post-fracture mortality in Victoria, Australia: a state-wide cohort study.Leung, Miriam T Y; Marquina, Clara; Turner, Justin P; Ilomaki, Jenni; Tran, Tim ; Bell, J Simon
16May-2023Completeness and accuracy of adverse drug reaction documentation in electronic medical records at a tertiary care hospital in Australia.McLachlan, Gina ; Broomfield, Airley; Elliott, Rohan 
1729-Apr-2023Hip fracture incidence and post-fracture mortality in Victoria, Australia: a state-wide cohort study.Leung, Miriam T Y; Marquina, Clara; Turner, Justin P; Ilomaki, Jenni; Tran, Tim ; Bell, J Simon
1815-Apr-2023Medicines-related interventions to support safe transitions for care home residents post hospital discharge: Do hospital-delivered interventions have a role?Elliott, Rohan A ; Taylor, Simone E 
1931-Jan-2023The financial and environmental impact of purchased anaesthetic agents in an Australian tertiary hospital.Davies, Jessica F; Trajceska, Ljubiana; Weinberg, Laurence 
20Jan-2023Penicillin Allergy Delabeling Program: an exploratory economic evaluation in the Australian context.Brusco, Natasha K; Bury, Susan; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Vogrin, Sara; Holmes, Natasha E ; Trubiano, Jason