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129-Dec-2023Longitudinal changes in body composition and diet after acute spinal cord injury.Desneves, Katherine J ; Kiss, Nicole; Daly, Robin M; Abbott, Gavin; Ward, Leigh C
27-Dec-2023Practical application of the Crohn's disease exclusion diet as therapy in an adult Australian population.Russell, Erin E; Day, Alice Sarah; Dimitroff, Claire; Trakman, Gina L; Silva, Hannah; Bryant, Robert V; Purcell, Liz; Yao, Chu K; Landorf, Emma; Fitzpatrick, Jessica A
313-Nov-2023Redefining Nutritional Requirements in End-Stage Liver Disease: Towards a Personalized Approach.Chapman, Brooke ; Wong, Darren; Whitcher, Bethany; Sinclair, Marie ; Gow, Paul J ; Majumdar, Avik; Testro, Adam G 
4Jul-2023Novel Use of the Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet Plus Partial Enteral Nutrition for the Treatment of Crohn's Disease During Pregnancy.Ukovic, Bianca ; Chapman, Brooke ; Schulberg, Julien; De Cruz, Peter P ; Choy, Matthew C 
514-Jun-2023Patient Mealtime Experience: Capturing Patient Perceptions Using a Novel Patient Mealtime Experience Tool.Furness, Kate; Harris, Melina; Lassemillante, Annie; Keenan, Stephen; Smith, Natasha; Desneves, Katherine J ; King, Sam
67-Jan-2023Co-design of a cancer nutrition care pathway by patients, carers, and health professionals: the CanEAT pathway.Loeliger, Jenelle; Dewar, Sarah; Kiss, Nicole; Dumbrell, Jodi; Elliott, Andrea; Kaegi, Kate; Kelaart, Amber; McIntosh, Rebecca; Swan, Wendy; Stewart, Jane
7Apr-2022Malnutrition and low muscle strength are independent predictors of clinical outcomes and healthcare costs after liver transplant.Chapman, Brooke ; Goh, Su Kah ; Parker, Francis C; Romero, Sarah; Sinclair, Marie ; Gow, Paul J ; Ma, Ronald ; Angus, Peter W ; Jones, Robert M ; Luke, Jacqueline; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Testro, Adam G 
8Apr-2022Cost and accessibility of empiric food elimination diets for treatment of eosinophilic oesophagitis.Sheedy, Katherine; Patel, Nishaat; Porter, Judi; Silva, Hannah
91-Jul-2021P-31: Real World Experience and 12 Month Outcomes for Patients Treated with Teduglutide at an Australian Centre.Brooke, Chapman; K, Hamilton; Darren, Wong; Adam G, Testro
10Feb-2021Nutraceuticals for the treatment of sarcopenia in chronic liver disease.Hey, Penelope ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Apostolov, Ross ; Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie 
1127-Nov-2020Malnutrition in cirrhosis: More food for thought.Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G 
1219-Oct-2020Comparison of segmental lean tissue mass in individuals with spinal cord injury measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and predicted by bioimpedance spectroscopy.Desneves, Katherine J ; Panisset, Maya G ; Galea, Mary P ; Kiss, Nicole; Daly, Robin M; Ward, Leigh C
13Oct-2020Nutrition interventions to improve the appetite of adults undergoing cancer treatment: a systematic review.Ukovic, Bianca ; Porter, Judi
14Aug-2020Impact of nutritional status/risk and post-operative nutritional management on clinical outcomes in patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery: a prospective observational study.Narendra, K; Kiss, N; Margerison, C; Johnston, B; Chapman, Brooke 
1521-Jan-2020Intravenous supplementation type and volume are associated with 1-year outcome and major complications in patients with chronic intestinal failure.Pironi, Loris; Steiger, Ezra; Joly, Francisca; Wanten, Geert J A; Chambrier, Cecile; Aimasso, Umberto; Sasdelli, Anna Simona; Szczepanek, Kinga; Jukes, Amelia; Theilla, Miriam; Kunecki, Marek; Daniels, Joanne; Serlie, Mireille J; Cooper, Sheldon C; Poullenot, Florian; Rasmussen, Henrik Højgaard; Compher, Charlene W; Crivelli, Adriana; Hughes, Sarah-Jane; Santarpia, Lidia; Guglielmi, Francesco William; Rotovnik Kozjek, Nada; Ellegard, Lars; Schneider, Stéphane M; Matras, Przemysław; Forbes, Alastair; Wyer, Nicola; Zmarzly, Anna; Taus, Marina; O'Callaghan, Margie; Osland, Emma; Thibault, Ronan; Cuerda, Cristina; Jones, Lynn; Chapman, Brooke ; Sahin, Peter; Virgili, Núria M; Lee, Andre Dong Won; Orlandoni, Paolo; Matysiak, Konrad; Di Caro, Simona; Doitchinova-Simeonova, Maryana; Masconale, Luisa; Spaggiari, Corrado; Garde, Carmen; Serralde-Zúñiga, Aurora E; Olveira, Gabriel; Krznaric, Zeljko; Petrina Jáuregui, Estrella; Zugasti Murillo, Ana; Suárez-Llanos, José P; Nardi, Elena; Van Gossum, André; Lal, Simon
16Aug-2019Continuous terlipressin infusion is associated with improved diet intake and muscle strength in patients awaiting liver transplant.Chapman, Brooke ; Gow, Paul J ; Sinclair, Marie ; Hanrahan, Timothy; Angus, Peter W ; McClure, Tess ; Mills, Christopher D; Terbah, Ryma ; Testro, Adam G 
176-Feb-2019Comparison of estimated energy requirements using predictive equations with total energy expenditure measured by the doubly labelled water method in acute spinal cord injury.Desneves, Katherine J ; Panisset, Maya G ; Rafferty, Jillian; Rodi, Helena ; Ward, Leigh C; Nunn, Andrew K ; Galea, Mary P 
182019Introducing novel advanced practice roles into the health workforce: Dietitians leading in gastrostomy management.Simmance, Natalie; Cortinovis, Talya; Green, Caitlyn; Lunardi, Kim; McPhee, Michelle; Steer, Belinda; Wai, Joseph; Martin, Tracey; Porter, Judi
19Oct-2018Weight management strategies for those with chronic kidney disease: A consensus report from the Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology and Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology 2016 renal dietitians meeting.Lambert, Kelly; Beer, Jo; Dumont, Ruth; Hewitt, Katie; Manley, Karen; Meade, Anthony; Salamon, Karen; Campbell, Katrina
20Apr-2018Bedside quantification of fat-free mass in acute spinal cord injury using bioelectrical impedance analysis: a psychometric study.Panisset, Maya G ; Desneves, Katherine J ; Ward, Leigh C; Rafferty, Jillian; Rodi, Helena ; Roff, Geoff; El-Ansary, Doa; Galea, Mary P