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114-Dec-2023Eating behaviours and personality characteristics of clinicians and researchers working in eating disorders.Poiani-Cordella, Catiray; Toh, Wei Lin; Phillipou, Andrea 
22-Nov-2023Investigating differences in cognitive flexibility, clinical perfectionism, and eating disorder-specific rumination across anorexia nervosa illness states.Miles, Stephanie; Nedeljkovic, Maja; Phillipou, Andrea 
3Nov-2023Challenges and priorities for researching the gut microbiota in individuals living with anorexia nervosa.West, Madeline L; Hart, Susan; Loughman, Amy; Jacka, Felice N; Staudacher, Heidi M; Abbaspour, Afrouz; Phillipou, Andrea ; Ruusunen, Anu; Rocks, Tetyana
418-Sep-2023Factors influencing the successful implementation of a novel digital health application to streamline multidisciplinary communication across multiple organisations for emergency care.Bagot, Kathleen L; Bladin, Chris F; Vu, Michelle; Bernard, Stephen; Smith, Karen; Hocking, Grant; Coupland, Tessa; Hutton, Debra; Badcock, Diane; Budge, Marc; Nadurata, Voltaire; Pearce, Wayne; Hall, Howard; Kelly, Ben; Spencer, Angie; Chapman, Pauline; Oqueli, Ernesto; Sahathevan, Ramesh; Kraemer, Thomas; Hair, Casey; Dion, Stub; McGuinness, Connor; Cadilhac, Dominique A
512-Sep-2023Investigating the cause and maintenance of Anorexia Nervosa - The I-CAN study: Protocol and open call for study sites and collaboration.Phillipou, Andrea ; Croce, Scarlett; Abel, Larry A; Castle, David J; Dean, Brian; Eikelis, Nina; Elwyn, Rosiel; Gurvich, Caroline; Jenkins, Zoe; Meyer, Denny; Miles, Stephanie; Neill, Erica; Ralph-Nearman, Christina; Rocks, Tetyana; Rossell, Susan L; Ruusunen, Anu; Simpson, Tamara N; Urbini, Gemma; West, Madeline; Malcolm, Amy
66-Sep-2023Exploring the role of autistic traits and eating disorder psychopathology on mentalising ability in the general population.Fithall, Kate; Gray, Indigo E; Linardon, Jake; Phillipou, Andrea ; Donaldson, Peter H; Albein-Urios, Natalia; Enticott, Peter G; Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Matthew; Kirkovski, Melissa
731-Aug-2023An innovative model of access and triage to reduce waiting in an outpatient epilepsy clinic: an intervention study.Lewis, Annie K; Taylor, Nicholas F; Carney, Patrick W ; Li, Xia; Harding, Katherine E
825-Aug-2023The importance of terminology, lived experience inclusion and scientific discussion regarding end-of-life care in anorexia nervosa: a response to Gaudiani et al.Phillipou, Andrea 
921-Aug-2023Investigation of brain iron in anorexia nervosa, a quantitative susceptibility mapping study.Ravanfar, Parsa; Rushmore, R Jarrett; Lyall, Amanda E; Cropley, Vanessa; Makris, Nikos; Desmond, Patricia; Velakoulis, Dennis; Shenton, Martha E; Bush, Ashley I; Rossell, Susan L; Pantelis, Christos; Syeda, Warda T; Phillipou, Andrea 
10Aug-2023Women have leadership advantages - on why that matters and how it may help us.Adams, Sophia Jl
11Jun-2023Over a decade of an eating disorders treatment program: Where to from here?Phillipou, Andrea ; Jenkins, Zoe M; Newton, J Richard; Gwee, Karen; Rossell, Susan L; Castle, David J
1228-Feb-2023Eating disorders in young people.Phillipou, Andrea ; McGorry, Patrick; Killackey, Eóin; Maguire, Sarah
1323-Feb-2023Comparing the impact of high versus low lockdown severity on the mental health of young people in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.Meyer, Denny; Sumner, Philip J; Tan, Eric J; Neill, Erica; Hielscher, Emily; Blake, Julie A; Scott, James G; Phillipou, Andrea ; Toh, Wei Lin; Van Rheenen, Tamsyn E; Rossell, Susan L
143-Feb-2023The Association between Nursing Skill Mix and Patient Outcomes in a Mental Health Setting: An Observational Feasibility Study.Moyo, Nompilo; Jones, Martin; Dennis, Shaun; Sharma, Karan; McKeown, Michael ; Gray, Richard
1524-Jan-2023Assessing severity in anorexia nervosa: Do the DSM-5 and an alternative severity rating based on overvaluation of weight and shape severity differ in psychological and biological correlates?Dang, An Binh; Kiropoulos, Litza; Castle, David J; Jenkins, Zoe; Phillipou, Andrea ; Rossell, Susan L; Krug, Isabel
162023The nature and sources of the emotional distress felt by intensivists and the burdens that are carried: A qualitative study.Dennis, Diane; Vernon van Heerden, Peter; Knott, Cameron I ; Khanna, Rahul 
1714-Oct-2022Advances in the Aetiology and Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa.Phillipou, Andrea 
18Oct-2022Psychological-health correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviour during the COVID pandemic.Ringin, Elysha; Meyer, Denny; Neill, Erica; Phillipou, Andrea ; Tan, Eric J; Toh, Wei Lin; Sumner, Philip J; Owen, Neville; Hallgren, Mats; Dunstan, David W; Rossell, Susan L; Van Rheenen, Tamsyn E
19Sep-2022Understanding self-report and neurocognitive assessments of cognitive flexibility in people with and without lifetime anorexia nervosa.Miles, Stephanie; Nedeljkovic, Maja; Sumner, Philip; Phillipou, Andrea 
20Jul-2022A mental health research crisis in Australia.Phillipou, Andrea