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130-Jan-2024Implementation of a nurse-led, multidisciplinary model of care for older adults with cancer: a process evaluation protocol.Dufton, Polly Hypatia; Tarasenko, Elena; Midgley, Katrina; Lee, Kathryn; Kelly, Ray; Rodrigues, Jeremy; Yates, Paul A ; Arulananda, Surein; Parakh, Sagun 
28-Nov-2023Adult Mental Health Presentations to Emergency Departments in Victoria, Australia between January 2018 and October 2020: Changes Associated with COVID-19 Pandemic Public Health Restrictions.Newberry-Dupé, Jackson; Chu, Wanyu; Craig, Simon; Borschmann, Rohan; O'Reilly, Gerard; Yates, Paul A ; Melvin, Glenn; King, Kylie; Hiscock, Harriet
313-Oct-2023Facing uncertainty - Pilot testing of a palliative prognostic index training with hospital aged care assessment teams.Gerber, Katrin; Bloomer, Melissa J; Hayes, Barbara; Lee, Cik Yin; Lock, Kayla; Bodna, Karen; Yates, Paul A 
4Oct-2023The clinical and cost effectiveness of remote expert wound nurse consultation for healing of pressure injuries among residential aged care patients: A protocol for a prospective pilot parallel cluster randomised controlled trial.Kapp, Suzanne; Gerdtz, Marie; Miller, Charne; Gefen, Amit; Padula, William; Wilson, Lauren; Woodward, Michael M ; Santamaria, Nick
5May-2023Site of care and factors associated with mortality in unvaccinated Australian aged care residents during COVID-19 outbreaks.Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Lau, Liza; Hack, Emma ; Huynh, Andrew; Puri, Arvind ; Yao, Henry; Wong, Aaron ; Kohler, Sabrina; Chua, Maggie; Amadoru, Sanka ; Haywood, Cilla J ; Yates, Paul A 
623-Feb-2023IMpleMenting Effective infection prevention and control in ReSidential aged carE (IMMERSE): protocol for a multi-level mixed methods implementation study.Tropea, Joanne; Peters, Sanne; Francis, Jill J; Bennett, Noleen; Fetherstonhaugh, Deirdre; Buising, Kirsty; Lim, Lyn-Li; Marshall, Caroline; Flynn, Madelaine; Murray, Michael; Yates, Paul A ; Aboltins, Craig; Johnson, Douglas; Kwong, Jason C ; Long, Karrie; McCahon, Judy; Lim, Wen K
75-Jan-2023Case of leptospirosis causing pancytopenia.Haryono, Ian Satya; Tinson, Alistair John; Abasszade, Joshua Haron; O'Donnobhain, Ronan
8Jul-2022The ostrich approach - Prognostic avoidance, strategies and barriers to assessing older hospital patients' risk of dying.Gerber, Katrin; Hayes, Barbara; Bloomer, Melissa J; Perich, Carol; Lock, Kayla; Slee, Jo-Anne; Lee, Dr Cik Yin; Yates, Dr Paul
916-Dec-2021Generative Model of Brain Microbleeds for MRI Detection of Vascular Marker of Neurodegenerative Diseases.Momeni, Saba; Fazlollahi, Amir; Lebrat, Leo; Yates, Paul A ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Gao, Yongsheng; Liew, Alan Wee-Chung; Salvado, Olivier
1016-Nov-2021COVID-19 Pandemic: End of Life Experience in Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities.Hack, Emma ; Hayes, Barbara; Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Monda, Sally; Yates, Paul A 
11Jul-2021Prevalence and sites of pain in remote-living older Aboriginal Australians, and associations with depressive symptoms and disability.Wong, Aaron ; Hyde, Zoë; Smith, Kate; Flicker, Leon; Atkinson, David; Skeaf, Linda; Malay, Roslyn; LoGiudice, Dina
123-Jun-2021Fifteen Years of the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) Study: Progress and Observations from 2,359 Older Adults Spanning the Spectrum from Cognitive Normality to Alzheimer's Disease.Fowler, Christopher; Rainey-Smith, Stephanie R; Bird, Sabine; Bomke, Julia; Bourgeat, Pierrick; Brown, Belinda M; Burnham, Samantha C; Bush, Ashley I; Chadunow, Carolyn; Collins, Steven; Doecke, James; Doré, Vincent ; Ellis, Kathryn A; Evered, Lis; Fazlollahi, Amir; Fripp, Jurgen; Gardener, Samantha L; Gibson, Simon; Grenfell, Robert; Harrison, Elise; Head, Richard; Jin, Liang; Kamer, Adrian; Lamb, Fiona ; Lautenschlager, Nicola T; Laws, Simon M; Li, Qiao-Xin; Lim, Lucy ; Lim, Yen Ying; Louey, Andrea; Macaulay, S Lance; Mackintosh, Lucy; Martins, Ralph N; Maruff, Paul; Masters, Colin L ; McBride, Simon; Milicic, Lidija; Peretti, Madeline; Pertile, Kelly; Porter, Tenielle; Radler, Morgan; Rembach, Alan; Robertson, Joanne; Rodrigues, Mark; Rowe, Christopher C ; Rumble, Rebecca; Salvado, Olivier; Savage, Greg; Silbert, Brendan; Soh, Magdalene; Sohrabi, Hamid R; Taddei, Kevin; Taddei, Tania; Thai, Christine; Trounson, Brett; Tyrrell, Regan ; Vacher, Michael; Varghese, Shiji; Villemagne, Victor L ; Weinborn, Michael; Woodward, Michael M ; Xia, Ying; Ames, David
13Mar-2021Integration of Inpatient and Residential Care In-Reach Service Model and Hospital Resource Utilization: A Retrospective Audit.Kwa, Jie-Min; Storer, Megan ; Ma, Ronald ; Yates, Paul A 
1426-Feb-2021Impact of place of residence, frailty and other factors on rehabilitation outcomes post hip fracture.Low, Stephanie ; Wee, Edmund; Dorevitch, Michael I 
15Feb-2021Aggregation of Abnormal Memory Scores and Risk of Incident Alzheimer's Disease Dementia: A Measure of Objective Memory Impairment in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment.Bradfield, Nicholas I; Ellis, Kathryn A; Savage, Greg; Maruff, Paul; Burnham, Samantha; Darby, David; Lautenschlager, Nicola T; Martins, Ralph N; Masters, Colin L ; Rainey-Smith, Stephanie R; Robertson, Joanne; Rowe, Christopher C ; Woodward, Michael M ; Ames, David
1614-Jan-2021Frailty, MRI, and FDG-PET Measures in an Australian Memory Clinic CohortJordan, Nan; Gvalda, Matthew; Cody, Ross; Galante, Olivia; Haywood, Cilla J ; Yates, Paul A 
1730-Nov-2020Unmet needs: COVID-19 and the “wandering” patientHack, Emma ; Yates, Paul A 
186-Jun-2020Resilience effects on frailty and outcomes in rehabilitation geriatrics.Kohler, Sabrina; Yates, Paul A ; Rametta, Robert; Poulter, Matthew; Vogrin, Sara
192020Influence of Comorbidity of Cerebrovascular Disease and Amyloid-β on Alzheimer's Disease.Yassi, Nawaf; Hilal, Saima; Xia, Ying; Lim, Yen Ying; Watson, Rosie; Kuijf, Hugo; Fowler, Christopher; Yates, Paul A ; Maruff, Paul; Martins, Ralph; Ames, David; Chen, Christopher; Rowe, Christopher; Villemagne, Victor; Salvado, Olivier; Desmond, Patricia M; Masters, Colin L 
202020ANZSGM Statement on Climate Change and the Health of Older PeopleYates, Paul A ; Pearson, Kristen