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118-Nov-2023Stuttering associated with a pathogenic variant in the chaperone protein cyclophilin 40.Morgan, Angela T; Scerri, Thomas S; Vogel, Adam P; Reid, Christopher A; Quach, Mara; Jackson, Victoria E; McKenzie, Chaseley; Burrows, Emma L; Bennett, Mark F ; Turner, Samantha J; Reilly, Sheena; Horton, Sarah E; Block, Susan; Kefalianos, Elaina; Frigerio-Domingues, Carlos; Sainz, Eduardo; Rigbye, Kristin A; Featherby, Travis J; Richards, Kay L; Kueh, Andrew; Herold, Marco J; Corbett, Mark A; Gecz, Jozef; Helbig, Ingo; Thompson-Lake, Daisy G Y; Liégeois, Frédérique J; Morell, Robert J; Hung, Andrew; Drayna, Dennis; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Wright, David K; Bahlo, Melanie; Hildebrand, Michael S 
210-Nov-2023EEG based automated seizure detection - A survey of medical professionals.Wong, Sheng; Simmons, Anj; Rivera-Villicana, Jessica; Barnett, Scott; Sivathamboo, Shobi; Perucca, Piero ; Kwan, Patrick; Kuhlmann, Levin; Vasa, Rajesh; O'Brien, Terence J
34-Nov-2023How accurate are self-evaluations of singing ability?Yeom, Daniel; Stead, Kendall S; Tan, Yi Ting; McPherson, Gary E; Wilson, Sarah J
4Nov-2023Familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: clinical spectrum and genetic evidence for a polygenic architecture.Harris, Rebekah V; Oliver, Karen L; Perucca, Piero ; Striano, Pasquale; Labate, Angelo; Riva, Antonella; Grinton, Bronwyn E; Reid, Joshua; Hutton, Jessica; Todaro, Marian; O'Brien, Terence J; Kwan, Patrick; Sadleir, Lynette G; Mullen, Saul A ; Dazzo, Emanuela; Crompton, Douglas E; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Bahlo, Melanie; Nobile, Carlo; Gambardella, Antonio; Berkovic, Samuel F 
530-Oct-2023Comparison of Automated Spike Detection Software in Detecting Epileptiform Abnormalities on Scalp-EEG of Genetic Generalized Epilepsy Patients.Janmohamed, Mubeen; Nhu, Duong; Shakathreh, Lubna; Gonen, Ofer; Kuhlman, Levin; Gilligan, Amanda K ; Tan, Chang Wei; Perucca, Piero ; O'Brien, Terence J; Kwan, Patrick
622-Oct-2023Are Germline Mosaic TSC1/2 Variants Present in Controls? Implications for Diagnosis.Ye, Zimeng; Lin, Sufang; Zhao, Xia; Wallis, Mathew J ; Gao, Xinyi; Sun, Li; Wu, Jiarui; Duan, Jing; Yao, Yi; Li, Lin; Chen, Li; Cao, Dezhi; Hu, Zhanqi; Zhang, Victor W; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Liao, Jianxiang; Hildebrand, Michael S 
7Oct-2023The Muddle of Myoclonus: Many Guises, 2 Disciplines, Consensus Needed.Van Der Veen, Sterre; Tijssen, Marina A J; Berkovic, Samuel F 
8Oct-2023Inherent Susceptibility to Acquired Epilepsy in Selectively Bred Rats Influences the Acute Response to Traumatic Brain Injury.Leung, Wai Lam; Dill, Larissa K; Perucca, Piero ; O'Brien, Terence J; Casillas-Espinosa, Pablo M; Semple, Bridgette D
921-Sep-2023Detection and discovery of repeat expansions in ataxia enabled by next-generation sequencing: present and future.Rafehi, Haloom; Bennett, Mark F ; Bahlo, Melanie
101-Sep-2023Widespread genomic influences on phenotype in Dravet syndrome, a 'monogenic' condition.Martins Custodio, Helena; Clayton, Lisa M; Bellampalli, Ravishankara; Pagni, Susanna; Silvennoinen, Katri; Caswell, Richard; Brunklaus, Andreas; Guerrini, Renzo; Koeleman, Bobby P C; Lemke, Johannes R; Møller, Rikke S; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Weckhuysen, Sarah; Zara, Federico; Zuberi, Sameer; Kuchenbaecker, Karoline; Balestrini, Simona; Mills, James D; Sisodiya, Sanjay M
11Sep-2023Sleep and respiratory abnormalities in adults with developmental and epileptic encephalopathies using polysomnography and video-EEG monitoring.Sivathamboo, Shobi; Myers, Kenneth A; Pattichis, Andreas; White, Elise J; Ku, Ka Nyuk; O'Brien, Terence J; Perucca, Piero ; Kwan, Patrick
12Sep-2023Targeted continuous EEG monitoring in critically ill patients: The long and the short of a scalability problem.Haider, Hiba A; Perucca, Piero 
13Sep-2023Indications and prescribing patterns of antiseizure medications in children in New Zealand.Ali, Shayma; Stanley, James; Davis, Suzanne; Keenan, Ngaire; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Sadleir, Lynette G
1428-Aug-2023Development and Validation of a Peripheral Cell Ratio and Lactate Score for Differentiating Status Epilepticus from Prolonged Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures.Tan, Tracie Hl; Sanfilippo, Paul; Colman, Blake; Perucca, Piero ; Kwan, Patrick; O'Brien, Terence J; Monif, Mastura
1526-Aug-2023Australian healthcare professionals' perspectives on genetic counseling and genetic diagnosis in vascular anomalies.Garza, Denisse; Hildebrand, Michael S ; Penington, Anthony J; Brown, Natasha; de Silva, Michelle G
1626-Aug-2023Erratum to ' Taking action on climate change: Testimonials and position statement from the International League Against Epilepsy Climate Change Commission' [Seizure Volume 106, March 2023, Pages 68-75].Aledo-Serrano, Angel; Battaglia, Giulia; Blenkinsop, Stephen; Delanty, Norman; Elbendary, Hasnaa M; Eyal, Sara; Guekht, Alla; Gulcebi, Medine I; Henshall, David C; Hildebrand, Michael S ; Macrohon, Bernadette; Madaan, Priyanka; Mifsud, Janet; Mills, James D; Neill, Kathryn Hodgson; Romagnolo, Alessia; Vezzani, Annamaria; Sisodiya, Sanjay M
1724-Aug-2023ILAE Genetics Literacy Series: Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsies.Cameron, Jillian M ; Ellis, Colin A; Berkovic, Samuel F 
1812-Aug-2023Brain mosaicism of hedgehog signalling and other cilia genes in hypothalamic hamartoma.Green, Timothy E; Fujita, Atsushi; Ghaderi, Navid; Heinzen, Erin L; Matsumoto, Naomichi; Klein, Karl Martin; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Hildebrand, Michael S 
19Aug-2023IRF2BPL: A new genotype for progressive myoclonus epilepsies.Costa, Cinzia; Oliver, Karen L; Calvello, Carmen; Cameron, Jillian M ; Imperatore, Valentina; Tonelli, Laura; Colavito, Davide; Franceschetti, Silvana; Canafoglia, Laura; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Prontera, Paolo
20Aug-2023Postmortem Genetic Testing in Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.Bagnall, Richard D; Perucca, Piero