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127-Apr-2021Intensive management of obesity in people with severe chronic kidney disease: a review.Song, Richard; Nolan, Brendan James ; Harb, Hecham; Sumithran, Priya 
226-Apr-2021Symptoms of Addictive Eating: What Do Different Health Professions Think?Whatnall, Megan; Skinner, Janelle; Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio; Carter, Adrian; Brown, Robyn M; Andrews, Zane B; Dayas, Chris V; Hardman, Charlotte A; Loxton, Natalie; Sumithran, Priya ; Burrows, Tracy
319-Apr-2021Probiotics for preventing gestational diabetes.Davidson, Sarah J; Barrett, Helen L; Price, Sarah A ; Callaway, Leonie K; Dekker Nitert, Marloes
417-Apr-2021Changes in white adipose tissue gene expression in a randomized control trial of dieting obese men with lowered serum testosterone alone or in combination with testosterone treatment.Grossmann, Mathis ; Ng Tang Fui, Mark ; Nie, Tian; Hoermann, Rudolf; Clarke, Michele V; Cheung, Ada S ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Davey, Rachel A
5Apr-2021Feasibility trial of metformin XR in people with pre-diabetes and stroke (MIPPS)-randomised open blinded endpoint controlled trial.Tabesh, Marjan; Hachem, Mariam; Lau, Lik-Hui; Borschmann, Karen ; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A L; Sumithran, Priya ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Thijs, Vincent N ; Ekinci, Elif I 
616-Mar-2021The therapeutic potential of GLP-1 analogues for stress-related eating and role of GLP-1 in stress, emotion and mood: a review.Hreins, Eva Guerrero; Goldstone, Anthony P; Brown, Robyn M; Sumithran, Priya 
78-Mar-2021Effect of Testosterone treatment on bone microarchitecture and bone mineral density in men: a two-year RCT.Ng Tang Fui, Mark ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Bracken, Karen; Handelsman, David J; Inder, Warrick J; Stuckey, Bronwyn G A; Yeap, Bu B; Ghasem-Zadeh, Ali ; McLachlan, Robert; Robledo, Kristy P; Jesudason, David; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Wittert, Gary A; Grossmann, Mathis 
88-Mar-2021High Cortico-Trabecular Transitional Zone Porosity and Reduced Trabecular Density in Men and Women with Stress Fractures.Zendeli, Afrodite; Bui, Minh; Fischer, Lukas; Ghasem-Zadeh, Ali ; Schima, Wolfgang; Seeman, Ego 
917-Feb-2021Gut microbiome, prebiotics, intestinal permeability and diabetes complications.Snelson, Matthew; de Pasquale, Cassandra; Ekinci, Elif I ; Coughlan, Melinda T
109-Feb-2021Suppurative thyroiditis: systematic review and clinical guidance.Lafontaine, Nicole; Learoyd, Diana; Farrell, Stephen G ; Wong, Rosemary
118-Feb-2021Factors associated with suicide attempts among Australian transgender adults.Zwickl, Sav; Wong, Alex Fang Qi; Dowers, Eden; Leemaqz, Shalem Yiner-Lee; Bretherton, Ingrid ; Cook, Teddy; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Yip, Paul S F; Cheung, Ada S 
1228-Jan-2021Efficacy of Zoledronic Acid in Maintaining Areal and Volumetric Bone Density after Combined Denosumab and Teriparatide Administration: DATA-HD Study Extension.Ramchand, Sabashini K ; David, Natalie L; Lee, Hang; Eastell, Richard; Tsai, Joy N; Leder, Benjamin Z
1326-Jan-2021Continuous glucose monitoring: A review of the evidence in type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus.Lin, Rose; Brown, Fran; James, Steven; Jones, Jessica; Ekinci, Elif I 
1423-Jan-2021Insulin resistance in transgender individuals correlates with android fat mass.Bretherton, Ingrid ; Spanos, Cassandra; Leemaqz, Shalem Y; Premaratne, Gehan; Grossmann, Mathis ; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Cheung, Ada S 
153-Jan-2021Comparison of two questionnaires for assessment of emotional eating in people undergoing treatment for obesity.Stammers, Lauren; Wong, Lisa; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
16Jan-2021Testosterone treatment to prevent or revert type 2 diabetes in men enrolled in a lifestyle programme (T4DM): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2-year, phase 3b trial.Wittert, Gary; Bracken, Karen; Robledo, Kristy P; Grossmann, Mathis ; Yeap, Bu B; Handelsman, David J; Stuckey, Bronwyn; Conway, Ann; Inder, Warrick; McLachlan, Robert; Allan, Carolyn; Jesudason, David; Ng Tang Fui, Mark ; Hague, Wendy; Jenkins, Alicia; Daniel, Mark; Gebski, Val; Keech, Anthony
17Jan-2021Performance of four creatinine-based equations in assessing glomerular filtration rate in adults with diabetes.Zafari, Neda; Lotfaliany, Mojtaba; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Kishore, Kartik ; Torkamani, Niloufar ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Churilov, Leonid ; Ekinci, Elif I 
18Jan-2021Treatment implications of a delayed diagnosis of maturity-onset diabetes of the young.Ali, Aleena S; Brown, Fran; Ekinci, Elif I 
1929-Dec-2020Gut Microbiome Composition Remains Stable in Individuals with Diabetes-Related Early to Late Stage Chronic Kidney Disease.Lecamwasam, Ashani ; Nelson, Tiffanie M; Rivera, Leni; Ekinci, Elif I ; Saffery, Richard; Dwyer, Karen M
2029-Dec-2020An overview of COVID-19 in people with diabetes pathophysiology and considerations in the inpatient setting.Fleming, Nicola ; Sacks, Lori J ; Pham, Cecilia ; Neoh, Sandra L ; Ekinci, Elif I