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114-Nov-2023Assessment of inter-rater reliability of screening tools to identify patients at risk of medication-related problems across the emergency department continuum of care.D'lima, Jessica; Taylor, Simone E ; Mitri, Elise A ; Harding, Andrew M ; Lai, Jerry; Manias, Elizabeth
210-Nov-2023A risk-based approach to community illicit drug toxicosurveillance: operationalisation of the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria (EDNAV) project.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Schumann, Jennifer L; Lyons, Tom; McKinnon, Ginny; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Fitzgerald, John; Greene, Shaun L 
37-Nov-2023Characteristics and time course of benzodiazepine-type new psychoactive substance detections in Australia: results from the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria project 2020-2022.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Greene, Shaun L ; Weber, Courtney; Smith, Jennifer L; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Gerostamoulos, Dimitri; Maplesden, Jacqueline; Knott, Jonathan; Hollerer, Hans; Rotella, Joe-Anthony ; Graudins, Andis ; Schumann, Jennifer L
428-Sep-2023Machine learning in clinical practice: Evaluation of an artificial intelligence tool after implementation.Akhlaghi, Hamed; Freeman, Sam; Vari, Cynthia; McKenna, Bede; Braitberg, George; Karro, Jonathan; Tahayori, Bahman
514-Sep-2023Frequency of and associations with alterations of medical emergency team calling criteria in a teaching hospital emergency department.Baylis, Simon R; Fletcher, Luke R ; Brown, Alastair J W; Hensman, Tamishta; Serpa Neto, Ary ; Jones, Daryl A 
6Sep-2023Implementation of a pragmatic emergency department patients' own medications (POM) procedure to improve medication safety: An interrupted time series.Taylor, Simone E ; Joules, Emily; Harding, Andrew M 
7Aug-2023Learning to lead: Supporting future emergency physician leaders.Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Hilbig, Adelene
8Aug-2023Early prediction of hospital admission of emergency department patients.Kishore, Kartik ; Braitberg, George; Holmes, Natasha E ; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
9Aug-2023Planning for the next pandemic: Reflections on lessons from the uncontained transmission phases of the COVID-19 pandemic and their impacts on emergency departments in Australia.Hsiao, Kai Hsun; Foong, Lai Heng; Govindasamy, Laksmi S ; Judkins, Simon 
1025-Jul-2023Evidence behind the exhortation? A rapid review of servant leadership's influence and claims in healthcare over the last decade.Wong, Lee Yung; Sendjaya, Sen; Wilson, Samuel; Rixon, Andrew
11Jul-2023Enigmatic Medicine: a proposed rebranding of emergency medicine.Wong, Lee Yung
1215-Jun-2023Relax into the tension: Paradoxes experienced by emerging leaders in emergency medicine.Wong, Lee Yung; Wheeler, Melissa A
1330-May-2023An intoxication involving 2-methyl AP-237 and AP-238 from Victoria, Australia: Case report.Maplesden, Jacqueline; Greene, Shaun L ; Syrjanen, Rebekka; Di Rago, Matthew; Schumann, Jennifer
1417-Apr-2023Effect of intravenous fluid volume on biomarkers of endothelial glycocalyx shedding and inflammation during initial resuscitation of sepsis.Macdonald, Stephen; Bosio, Erika; Keijzers, Gerben; Burrows, Sally; Hibbs, Moira; O'Donoghue, Helen; Taylor, David McD ; Mukherjee, Ashes; Kinnear, Frances; Smart, Lisa; Ascencio-Lane, Juan-Carlos; Litton, Edward; Fraser, John; Shapiro, Nathan I; Arendts, Glenn; Fatovich, Daniel
15Apr-2023Non-fatal intoxications involving the novel benzodiazepine clonazolam: case series from the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia - Victoria project.Syrjanen, Rebekka; Greene, Shaun L ; Castle, Jared W; Di Rago, Matthew; Hodgson, Sarah E; Abouchedid, Rachelle; Graudins, Andis ; Schumann, Jennifer L
1626-Feb-2023Moving beyond the dose makes the poison.Colalillo, James M; Govindasamy, Laksmi ; Ley Greaves, Robbie
1722-Feb-2023Thirteen toxicology tidbits for the emergency clinician.Koutsogiannis, Zeff ; Guertin, Marina
1815-Feb-2023A comparison of the accuracy of mushroom identification applications using digital photographs.Hodgson, Sarah E; McKenzie, Christine; May, Tom W; Greene, Shaun L 
1915-Feb-2023Barriers and facilitators to guideline-recommended care of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in the ED: a qualitative study using the theoretical domains framework.Bradshaw, Sally; Graco, Marnie ; Holland, Anne E 
202023Improving the safety of anticoagulation initiation in patients discharged from the emergency department.Harding, Andrew M ; Mitri, Elise A ; Yeoh, Michael J