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11-Feb-2024Changing the view: Preventing pneumothorax during transvenous pacemaker implantation.Loudon, Brodie L; Wong, Geoffrey R
21-Feb-2024Atherosclerosis on CT coronary angiography and risk of long-term cardiovascular events post liver transplantation.Sampaio Rodrigues, Thalys ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Gow, Paul J ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Cailes, Benjamin ; Testro, Adam G ; Smith, Gerard; Lim, Han S ; Teh, Andrew W ; Lim, Ruth P ; Farouque, Omar 
3Feb-2024Atrial Fibrillation Health Literacy Questionnaire (AFHLQ): The development of an AF-specific health literacy questionnaire.McMichael, Gai; Cusack, Lynette; Andina Munawar, Dian; Boyd, Mark; Palmer, Lyle; Lim, Han S ; Mahajan, Rajiv
425-Jan-2024The evaluation of bariatric surgery effect on cardiac structure and function using transthoracic echocardiography: a cohort study.Abtahi, Firoozeh; Atashbarg, Malek; Rahmanian, Mahdi; Moeinvaziri, Nader; Bazrafshan, Mehdi; Bazrafshan, Hanieh; Moammer, Farzaneh; Bazroodi, Helia; Zolghadrasli, Abdolali; Bazrafshan Drissi, Hamed
53-Jan-2024Incidence and progression of atrial fibrillation in patients with and without heart failure using mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists: a meta-analysis.Sampaio Rodrigues, Thalys ; Garcia Quarto, Levindo Jose; Nogueira, Savio Carvalho; Koshy, Anoop N ; Mahajan, Rajiv; Sanders, Prashanthan; Ekinci, Elif I ; Burrell, Louise M ; Farouque, Omar ; Lim, Han S 
6Jan-2024Real-world long-term survival after non-emergent percutaneous coronary intervention to unprotected left main coronary artery - From the Melbourne Interventional Group (MIG) registry.Gin, Julian; Yeoh, Julian; Hamilton, Garry W ; Ajani, Andrew; Dinh, Diem; Brennan, Angela; Reid, Christopher M; Freeman, Melanie; Oqueli, Ernesto; Hiew, Chin; Stub, Dion; Chan, William; Picardo, Sandra; Yudi, Matias B ; Horrigan, Mark ; Farouque, Omar ; Clark, David J 
715-Dec-2023Correlation of ventricular pacing burden and left ventricular function in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.Scully, Timothy G; Kelsang, Tenzin; Backhouse, Brendan; Sajeev, Jithin K; Roberts, Louise; Pathik, Bhupesh; Teh, Andrew W 
8Dec-2023Sex Differences in Pharmacotherapy and Long-Term Outcomes in Patients With Ischaemic Heart Disease and Comorbid Left Ventricular Dysfunction.Dagan, Misha; Dinh, Diem T; Stehli, Julia; Nan Tie, Emilia; Brennan, Angela; Ajani, Andrew E; Clark, David J ; Freeman, Melanie; Reid, Christopher M; Hiew, Chin; Oqueli, Ernesto; Kaye, David M; Duffy, Stephen J
9Dec-2023Effects of a low carbohydrate diet on heart failure symptoms and quality of life in patients with diabetic cardiomyopathy: A randomised controlled trial pilot study.Kleissl-Muir, Sabine; Owen, Alice; Rasmussen, Bodil; Zinn, Caryn; Driscoll, Andrea 
10Nov-2023Impact of Preprocedural Diastolic Blood Pressure on Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.Warren, Josephine; Dinh, Diem; Brennan, Angela; Tan, Christianne; Dagan, Misha; Stehli, Julia; Clark, David J ; Ajani, Andrew E; Reid, Christopher M; Sebastian, Martin; Oqueli, Ernesto; Freeman, Melanie; Stub, Dion; Duffy, Stephen J
11Nov-2023Coronary Angiography Complicated by Acute Ischaemic Stroke and the Use of Thrombolysis: a Cardiology Perspective and Narrative Review of Current Literature.Gin, Julian; Yeoh, Julian; Thijs, Vincent N ; Clark, David J ; Ho, Jan Kee; Horrigan, Mark ; Farouque, Omar ; Al-Fiadh, Ali
1217-Oct-2023Natural History and Clinical Outcomes After ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Without Stent Insertion.Nogic, Jason; Cailes, Benjamin ; Yeoh, Julian; Yudi, Matias B ; Tong, David; Farouque, Omar ; Brennan, Angela; Dinh, Diem; Brown, Adam J; Clark, David J 
1310-Oct-2023High spinal cord injury precipitating syncope: a rare indication for pacemaker insertion.Khan, Isa; Scully, Timothy G; Teh, Andrew W ; Wong, Geoffrey R
145-Oct-2023Three-year chronic follow-up from the pilot study of a substernal extravascular implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.Crozier, Ian; Haqqani, Haris; Kotschet, Emily; Wiggenhorn, Christopher; Lande, Jeff; Thompson, Amy; Cheng, Alan; Bhatia, Varun; O'Donnell, David 
151-Oct-2023A low-carbohydrate diet in place of SGLT2i therapy in a patient with diabetic cardiomyopathy.Kleissl-Muir, Sabine; Rasmussen, Bodil; Owen, Alice; Zinn, Caryn; Driscoll, Andrea 
16Oct-2023Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system dynamics after targeted blood pressure control using angiotensin II or norepinephrine in cardiac surgery: mechanistic randomised controlled trial.Coulson, Tim G ; Miles, Lachlan F ; Zarbock, Alex; Burrell, Louise M ; Patel, Sheila K ; von Groote, Thilo; Pilcher, David; Weinberg, Laurence ; Landoni, Giovanni; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1725-Aug-2023Vulnerability to environmental and climatic health provocations among women and men hospitalised with chronic heart disease: Insights from the RESILIENCE TRIAL cohort.Stewart, Simon; Patel, Sheila K ; Lancefield, Terase F; Sampaio Rodrigues, Thalys ; Doumtsis, Nicholas; Jess, Ashleigh; Vaughan-Fowler, Emily-Rose; Chan, Yih-Kai; Ramchand, Jay ; Yates, Paul A ; Kwong, Jason C ; McDonald, Christine F ; Burrell, Louise M 
1811-Aug-2023Cardiovascular Disease in Patients With Breast Cancer Treated in the Modern Era.Murphy, Alexandra C ; Koshy, Anoop N ; Farouque, Omar ; Yeo, Belinda ; Roccisano, Laura; Octavia, Yanti; Yudi, Matias B 
19Aug-2023Clinical Assessment for Pulmonary Hypertension in Interstitial Lung Disease.Chan, Roseanne Kimberley; Horrigan, Mark ; Goh, Nicole S L ; Khor, Yet Hong
20Aug-2023Improved Outcomes of Conduction System Pacing in Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction - A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Gin, Julian; Chow, Chee Loong; Voskoboinik, Alex; Nalliah, Chrishan; Wong, Chiew; Van Gaal, William; Farouque, Omar ; Mohamed, Uwais; Lim, Han S ; Kalman, Jonathan M; Wong, Geoffrey R